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Free clothes for low-income work ready women

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WoWFactor Wed 06-Aug-14 17:24:32

WoWFactor is a new Colchester charity providing free, good quality professional outfits to low income, vulnerable but work-ready women who have a job interview scheduled but nothing to wear to it.

Each client we work with has already achieved something great: her skills and experience have won her an interview. We aim to build on that achievement by helping every woman feel confident in her interview and get that job!

Each client receives a free professional outfit to wear to the interview and additional complimentary items when she becomes employed. We help with her outfit selection and provide support and encouragement as she prepares for her interview and the journey ahead.

Beyond that, we also provide a mentor for each client for the first 60-90 days of her employment and introduce her to a network of positive, encouraging women.

We ’re looking for organisations to refer clients to us and are sure the Gransnet community can help.

If you know of someone who needs our services please email [email protected] and Loraine will get in touch. You can also find us on and @WoWFactorOrg. Thanks, Gransnet! Much appreciated

suebailey1 Thu 07-Aug-14 08:55:06

Thank you for this what a good idea. I have a friend who helps young people start their own small businesses- I shall pass this on.