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Volunteer with Alzheimer's Society this Christmas

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AlzSoc14 Wed 05-Nov-14 14:36:44

We need your help!

Alzheimer's Society has been chosen as one of six UK charities to be supported by ITV's Text Santa fundraising appeal.

Text Santa will enable approximately 1800 people with dementia to receive essential one-to-one advice from our Dementia Support Workers.

Text Santa partner Morrisons are offering Alzheimer's Society the chance to fundraise across all their stores with charity bag-packing. We need your help to raise much needed funds this Christmas by offering your bag-packing services to Morrisons customers in return for donations towards the Text Santa appeal.

Bag-packing activities will take place in Morrisons stores (excluding Morrisons M Local stores) across England, Scotland and Wales on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th December. Bag-packing time slots available are 9.00am–11.30am and 11.30am–2.00pm on both days.

You can sign up to volunteer here.

You will be allocated a Morrisons store based on your address, and this will be confirmed following your application along with your slot date and time, based on availability. You also have the option to state your preferred store and we will do our best to accommodate this.

If you have any questions please do contact the team at [email protected].

Friendsavailable Mon 15-Dec-14 10:42:07


Myself and some companions would like to give our time and support to anyone whether old or young, we would be keen to befriend some lonely elderly and offer them a friend to help with the loneliness including taking them out etc

We are all Christian minded and would love to give a friendly ear and help to anyone in need of love and support ,

We are in the South East, Virginia water surrey and Reading Berks, traveling is no problem as we have great resources available to us as independent business owners we also have funds which we are able to spend on the needy to support them eg heating bills food etc so if you know any OAP that is freezing cold hungry or just alone and wants some company and a ear to listen to them, please get in touch with me, no distance is too far ! We are highly motivated in helping and sharing gods love, no bible bashing ! Just a friendly face and some genuine help, even help with the bills! We are here for you.

Please contact me if you can lead me in the right direction or know anyone that is genuinely in need of help.

Many thanks

Michael David

POGS Mon 15-Dec-14 11:01:12

My last post has gone, why? It was only posted in the last hour?

I will repeat it.


If you are prepared to use a thread genuinely created by a poster who had suffered the loss of a parent to self promote your company then I call that crass and despicable. See 'Can't sell my dad's bungalow thread.

I am giving your posts oxygen, yes, but I am at least pointing any poster in the right direction before they get involved with you.

Come on HQ you have only deleted a few posts by this and another from early today.