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Being stuck on Mars

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Soutra Wed 18-Feb-15 10:31:53

Following on Anya's comment about being stuck on a rock with 3 other unloved people, who would you like or hate to be stuck with ?

Bear Grylls or Ben Fogle or that muscly guy from Strictly as I think they'd be good at foraging (?), Graham Norton to make me laugh, and Kirsty Allsopp to make the place look homely with bunting, crochet and other homemade soft furnishings.grin

Galen Wed 18-Feb-15 10:47:33

Erm Soutra why is this on the charities thread?
Are you collecting money to send someone there?If so, who?confused

Nelliemoser Wed 18-Feb-15 11:19:14

Neil Oliver would suit me. I don't know if he could build shelters though. Sandi Toksvig would cetainly keep me laughing.

Who I would not want to meet? Nigel Farage Micheal Gove. plus a few other irritating bodies.

Anya Wed 18-Feb-15 11:24:39

Think she's hit the forum above by mistake Galen easily done. I did something similar recently.

soontobe Wed 18-Feb-15 11:35:55

I wouldnt want to be stuck with moany people.

Soutra Wed 18-Feb-15 12:03:14

Exactly! Meant to be on Chat!!blush

merlotgran Wed 18-Feb-15 13:42:06

I wonder how long Katie Hopkins would last before somebody found a way to block up her airline? grin

Joey Essex wouldn't have a clue where he was hmm

rubylady Wed 18-Feb-15 17:01:48

David Attenborough for knowledge, Lee Mack for comedy and Dermot/Davina for hugs. (not bothered which) smile