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pollyolly Mon 25-Mar-19 15:02:46

Not again! Does anyone have any idea how to stop the plastic clothes bags that come through my door a few times a week. One small bag containing one large bag for donating clothes to various charities. I take my items to my local charity shop and try to cut down on plastic waste but am forced to dispose of these somehow, Help.

Nanny27 Mon 25-Mar-19 15:06:32

I use them for bin liners.

Nanny27 Mon 25-Mar-19 15:07:04

I use them for bin liners.

PamelaJ1 Mon 25-Mar-19 15:07:32

It must work for them or they wouldn’t do it.
Not everyone could be bothered to go to the charity shop!
Use the bags for something else so it’s not quite so wasteful.

PamelaJ1 Mon 25-Mar-19 15:08:07

Maybe bin liners???

Elegran Mon 25-Mar-19 15:16:01

Put each one into an envelope addressed to the relevant charity's head office, WITHOUT A STAMP but on the outside write "Returned so that you can reuse it without wastage, instead of me throwing it straight into landfill".

They will have to pay extra postage when they receive it. If enough people returned them and commented on the waste of their money and the way the wastage affected the environment, it might eventually dawn on them.

Charleygirl5 Mon 25-Mar-19 15:40:07

A couple of my neighbours fill those with clothes for that charity because they cannot physically get to a local charity shop.

I also use them as bin liners.

notanan2 Mon 25-Mar-19 15:45:23

A lot of them are fakes from rag traders before you unleash rage on the charities

My refuse needs to be bagged so they dont go to waste anyway

RosieLeah Mon 25-Mar-19 16:23:47

I wish some would be posted through my letter-box. As the seasons change, I have clothes to dispose of but the charity shops I used to go to have closed down and, without a car, I can't take them further afield.