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Granny23 Mon 15-Jul-19 09:06:15

This quote from my facebook this morning, set me thinking.

I wonder if the NHS could have a National Day = NHS DAY Where folks do stuff to help raise dosh. I also think that most people would give a non obligatory donation of some sort to the NHS if given the chance. Giving and receiving is important to one's self esteem. I know we pay NI contributions but that is abstract and you don’t get the sense of giving back some gratitude

We have 'Children in Need', Armed forces day, Cash for Kids, all sorts of fundraisers for charities who plug the gaps in our overstretched NHS. At funerals there is often a substantial collection in aid of the local Hospice, Alzheimer's, Heart Foundation, etc. We cannot, however, donate directly to the NHS, when most of us have reason to be grateful to it for lives saved or improved beyond recognition, or exemplary terminal care.

In the days before the NHS, health services were funded in great part by the rich, eg so and so's Memorial Hospital, and by large employers, Friendly Societies and small donations from the middle class and poorer folk.

Of Course, this all came to an end with the advent of the NHS in 1948, when everyone contributed via their NI 'stamps'. However, in recent times, our NI is lumped in with general taxation- it is up to the Government of the Day how much is spent on Health and Social Care Issues, or diverted to fund WMD, Infrastructure, etc.

The rich no longer have a vested interest in providing good local health care as their needs are catered for by the ever growing private sector. I would be interested to hear your views on whether you would welcome an opportunity to contribute a little more, on a voluntary basis, if the money raised went directly into our precious NHS?

EllanVannin Mon 15-Jul-19 09:15:15

It would be a brilliant idea and would show how much they're supported and appreciated by the general public.

Pantglas1 Mon 15-Jul-19 09:27:29

Can’t wait for the comments from usual suspects about noblesse oblige, the state should take care of all its citizens, shouldn’t be relying on charity in this day and dah, de dah!

And by the way, I’m of the ‘pay it back/forward’ school of thought on everything like this.

Jane10 Mon 15-Jul-19 09:38:07

That sounds like a good idea. Not sure if it would raise much actual money but would be a way of giving something back to NHS staff as some acknowledgement of all that they do especially the lower paid staff. Might encourage recruitment?
On the other hand, I'd not want to see staff taken off the front line for parades etc.
So I reckon, as long as it all stays voluntary I think it could be good. Obviously as nobility I'd 'oblige'! Happy to contribute as I'm already happy to contribute to all the various single condition charities and hospices.

Elegran Mon 15-Jul-19 10:38:22

I have always said that there ought to be a way that grateful patients or their families could make anonymous contributions to NHS funds. It would have to be anonymous so that no-one would be accused of buying any advantage!