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Indian's Covid crisis

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Aveline Mon 26-Apr-21 08:56:51

Does anyone know which charities are sending help to India over the Covid crisis. There's not much I can realistically do but I'd like to make a donation. Any ideas?

Aveline Mon 26-Apr-21 08:57:37

Don't know why my phone changed India to Indian's. Och!

Whitewavemark2 Mon 26-Apr-21 09:03:56

All my charities are children related, so I am assuming that they will have a presence in India.

Save the Children is one of the ones I give to.

Lillie Mon 26-Apr-21 09:13:07

Action Aid is doing a lot in India to produce informative material and raise awareness of the virus.
It is important as a first step to educate the people how to prevent themselves getting sick and spreading the viru..

Aveline Mon 26-Apr-21 09:42:09

Thanks I'll check out Action Aid.