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Recycling spectacles

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Valels Thu 01-Jul-21 18:07:12

Does anyone know how I can recycle spectacles? I have 24 pairs to get rid of.
I've tried local opticians but they won't take them 'because of covid'
I know Lions club takes them but they aren't responding to messages.
Local charity shops say they don't take them.
I hate to just throw them away.
Any ideas welcome!

Charleygirl5 Thu 01-Jul-21 18:17:47

My local charity takes them but this was before Covid. It is very local, it is a church not far away.

NotSpaghetti Thu 01-Jul-21 18:19:16

Try the Rotary Club. They used to take them.

NotSpaghetti Thu 01-Jul-21 18:35:34

Or this Lions club if you don't mind posting:

OR, maybe your local Lions don't k ow the spectacles can now be recycled again.
Good luck.

muse Thu 01-Jul-21 18:36:56

I don’t think anyone is taking them. Even VisionAid stopped last August.

J52 Thu 01-Jul-21 18:49:50

Just noticed today that Specsavers have a recycling bin outside the shop. I don’t know if they all have them.

Valels Thu 01-Jul-21 19:45:51

Thanks everyone, that gives me lots to work on, surely someone will take them!

Marydoll Thu 01-Jul-21 19:53:46

I asked in my local Secsavers last week and they are no longer taking them.

Marydoll Thu 01-Jul-21 19:56:13

NotSpaghetti, thank you for the link. I have a pile of them and am off to find a shoebox! That shouldn't be too difficult, considering my obsession with shoes.

NotAGran55 Thu 01-Jul-21 20:29:12

A charity here in Berkshire for the homeless currently has a plea out for spectacles . An optician in the town is doing free eye tests and the charity are paying for the lenses .

Details here

They regularly include it on their Facebook page .

Valels Sat 03-Jul-21 10:55:10

Thank you Notspaghetti . I've been in touch with
and they are accepting them, so can get rid of them at last!

twinnytwin Sat 03-Jul-21 11:08:27

Our village shop has a box where we can leave old specs and hearing aids too. We're very green and there are also boxes outside some houses to recycle empty pill packets, empty toothpaste tubes, old makeup containers, corks etc etc. Also a monthly event where folk bring broken equipment for fixing. DH has mended a couple of bikes and kids pedal carts. We have a cutting down on plastic challenge too this month.

NotSpaghetti Sat 03-Jul-21 12:32:47

Good news about that Valels - I have some here that I can send.