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How can I make sure animal charities are genuine?

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Caleo Fri 16-Jul-21 12:06:15

I wish to contribute to a charity that frees bears from bile farms but am unsure about its one-off donation procedure.

cornishpatsy Fri 16-Jul-21 12:09:10

There will be a registration number on their advertising which you can use to look them up.

Infinity2 Fri 16-Jul-21 12:37:09

Look for a registered charity number and then google it. You should be able to see if they’re filing proper accounts and financials for the last few years.
I’ve been stung a few times. A lot of these newer animal charities are bogus, and you are effectively donating to support other people’s pets.

Caleo Fri 16-Jul-21 12:38:36

Thank you Cornishpatsy. Further question : Is it okay for the charity to require my name and address(and possible some etceteras) when I make a one-off donation?

Infinity2 Fri 16-Jul-21 12:39:19

Not that I think anyone is keeping a bear as a pet !
And I think the cruelty involved is what you are concerned about is absolutely abhorrent!
Don’t the WWF work in this area ?

Good on you for having the heart to help.

Caleo Fri 16-Jul-21 12:41:26

Thanks also, Infinity2. (I can see how it might be rather fun to keep a herd of rescued animals .)

Infinity2 Fri 16-Jul-21 12:43:03

I’d like an alpaca myself but I’d be reported to the RSPCA for cruelty, as it would be blinded by my neighbours security lights.

Blossoming Fri 16-Jul-21 12:50:42

Charities need to record some information about their donors, especially if they claim Gift Aid. I’d check as Cornishpatsy suggests.

Redhead56 Fri 16-Jul-21 13:29:51

I research the charity see what they are actively doing rather than spend their money on marketing. I briefly worked for a cancer charity the money wasted on marketing was more than actual cancer research. I have never supported the charity since.

Redhead56 Fri 16-Jul-21 14:21:31

I meant to say that I worked for an animal charity too and that did spend most of the money on the actual animals.

M0nica Fri 16-Jul-21 14:30:26

Caleo If you just put a cheque in an envelope and post it to them, then they cannot ask for your name and address even if they want to.

Callistemon Fri 16-Jul-21 14:50:13

I'm trying to remember the name of a small charity which rescues bears - there was a programme on it last year on TV here in the UK.
They were a small charity but genuine, I think.

I'll try to remember.

FindingNemo15 Fri 16-Jul-21 14:59:31

I support various independent animal charities and PETA who do a lot of animal welfare work.

Callistemon Fri 16-Jul-21 15:03:48

Free The Bears is the one I was thinking of.

Giles Clark of Tigers About the House fame made TV programmes last year:

Infinity2 Fri 16-Jul-21 16:41:35

MOnica - you’re a genius. That’s the solution.

Caleo Fri 16-Jul-21 16:54:27

Callistemon, it thanks. I am specially impressed by their educational efforts at the sanctuary.

emmasnan Fri 16-Jul-21 20:04:09

You can look them up on the Charities Commission website.

Deedaa Fri 16-Jul-21 20:23:14

Look up Peter Egan on Facebook. He does a lot of work with bear charities and also rescuing dogs in China.

Callistemon Fri 16-Jul-21 21:32:34


Callistemon, it thanks. I am specially impressed by their educational efforts at the sanctuary.

The programmes were excellent but heartrending too.

NotSpaghetti Fri 16-Jul-21 21:44:30


MOnica - you’re a genius. That’s the solution.

But not if you want to gift-aid it.