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mokryna Sat 04-Sep-21 15:44:49

I am astonished as to how many lottery charities advertised at the moment on the TV. Does anyone know if there a control on how much is given to the actual fund, how much is given as salaries to the people that manage the fund and how much is given out in winnings?

Callistemon Sat 04-Sep-21 15:47:02

This may help, mokryna
There is another link within the link too.

mokryna Sat 04-Sep-21 15:49:38

No, not the National one but the others dealing with children and animals.

Callistemon Sat 04-Sep-21 15:52:34

Oh, misunderstood, sorry.

wildswan16 Sat 04-Sep-21 15:59:39

If you google any lottery you will be able to find how much goes into the "charity fund", how much is paid out in winnings, how much for administration etc.

M0nica Sun 05-Sep-21 15:48:55

Quote from Oxfam Annual Accounts
84p went towards helping beat poverty worldwide.
9p went towards our running costs.
7p went towards raising the next £1.

This doesn't sound too outragous and is, I would suspect par for the course for most large charities