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Charity shop break- in.

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Ellylanes1 Thu 04-Aug-22 20:14:43

Incensed that a local charity shop has been broken into, donation box and a few items stolen.
How desperate are people these days, or are there no morals left at all with some people.
I know its not the worst happening in the news at the moment but so so angry.
Rant over.

RichmondPark1 Thu 04-Aug-22 20:50:34

That's awful. So sad for all those who work so hard to raise money for your charity.

Our local charity shop was broken into a few years ago. The outpouring of best wishes accompanied by offers of help and generous donations was astonishing. I just have to keep telling myself that the good far outweigh the bad in society.

M0nica Thu 04-Aug-22 21:50:39

Thieves are thieves, no one should expect them to show finer feelings in when they choose premises to break in to.

Most of them thieve to fund a drug habit, and are mainly looking for cash and I imagine that they think, for some reason, that Charity shops are more likely than other shops, to leave the petty cash tin lying around and accessible.

JaneJudge Thu 04-Aug-22 21:51:50

Drugs are often the explanation sad