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Gordon and Sarah Brown

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Floradora9 Thu 02-Feb-23 14:43:55

I have always had a great admiration for the Browns and having read Sarah's book " Behind the Black Door " I have even more . This is her account of their time in 10 Downing street and she seemed to never stop . She got stuck into so many good causes especially infant and maternal mortality ( their own daughter Jennifer died after a premature birth ) . If you read their website you can see they have raised over a million pounds for good causes and Gordon does not take any pension he has not contributed to from his time as an MP see

Sarah seemed to be off to one event after another almost every day including trips abroad. At one airport she was stopped because her nail varnish pot was too big . Alongside her was her assistant, Konrad , and she was asked how long she had worked for Konrad . She did find it funny. I have not seen another prime minister's spouse with such a high profile and it carries on .

I have never voted labour in my life but wish we had more leaders like Gordon Brown .

Luckygirl3 Thu 02-Feb-23 14:47:45

I have never voted labour in my life - maybe time to start!! smile

We have forgotten what it is like to have politicians who understand about service and integrity.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 02-Feb-23 15:01:26

They are to be admired.

Both for their intelligence and integrity, empathy and kindness.

Silvergirl Thu 02-Feb-23 15:11:24

I agree wholeheartedly with all the above.

Granny23 Thu 02-Feb-23 15:22:09

I would agree to some extent, but cannot forget the promises he made on the eve of the 2014 Scottish Referendum including almost full autonomy for Scotland if the people voted NO to Independence. Not one of these promises was kept. angry

Fleurpepper Thu 02-Feb-23 15:25:31

An amazing couple. Gordon Brown's fault, tragically, is that his Protestant Ethics up-bringing led him to believe that Bankers could be trusted. Trusted to make lots of money (nought wrong with that if done properly) AND then pay fair taxes to support the less fortunate. Tragically, his trust was misplaced, and we know what happened next. A good man, a good couple, for absolutely sure.

Silvergirl Thu 02-Feb-23 15:43:08

Yes, he is almost too much of a gentleman for this back stabbing, greedy world. He seemed to be too trusting with the banks but possibly his hands were tied legally in lots of ways.

Chestnut Thu 02-Feb-23 16:21:32

And how did he justify being a bedfellow of Blair? Surely he must lose some Brownie point for that.

Aveline Thu 02-Feb-23 16:30:36

I wholeheartedly agree floradora. I just wish we had people like Gordon Brown in Westminster but even more so at Holyrood. The combination of brains and integrity is sadly lacking.