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What happened to the Nightingale hospitals?

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ExDancer Sat 14-Oct-23 13:57:09

I hope I've remembered the name correctly - I'm talking of those hastily set up buildings and wards prepared for the expected horde of covid patients at the start of the pandemic.
In the end they weren't needed because, thankfully, brilliant chemists came up with a vaccine.
But what happened to all that equipment?

BlueBelle Sat 14-Oct-23 14:06:45

I don’t think it was necessarily that they weren’t needed but they fudged it all (like most things they have done) if they had used them people wouldn’t have been in corridors for 12 hours
A colleague a nurse was sent down, put up in a hotel for a week, then sent home.

Joseann Sat 14-Oct-23 14:37:16

I think we must be lucky because ours does eye ops like cataracts, hip and knee ops, as well as offering other services. It's not a very glamorous place, but it's efficient and has reduced waiting lists here.

Ilovecheese Sat 14-Oct-23 14:42:10

I understand that the beds were sold off at a loss.

Katie59 Sat 14-Oct-23 15:09:18

They never had the staff to man them because so many were off sick due to Covid, although I seem to remember Exeter had one in operation, is it still going..

Joseann Sat 14-Oct-23 15:58:57

Yes, Katie59, Exeter Nightingale is running well. No doubt they had to recruit additional staff, but only one friend I know had an op cancelled there.