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I heard it through the grape vine.

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Bella23 Mon 04-Dec-23 18:05:14

I heard from two very reliable sources that people are not gifting as many second-hand things, toys and food as usual for Christmas parcels for the needy.
One Council's appeal has fallen flat. The Council has a list from the Social Services of nearly a thousand named families who are in need. The other is a Charity that goes into houses and sorts them out for people with second-hand furniture bedding etc.
Does this show we are all feeling the pinch or is it the wrong time to appeal just after" Children in Need" and Christmas coming up? Should the appeal for non perishables etc. go out much earlier?
I feel so guilty sitting in my warm house debating what to have for supper.
I should add neither of these are areas that you would imagine would need help.

M0nica Mon 04-Dec-23 18:22:18

Or is it Charity fatigue. We are so constantly being bombarded by requests for help for personal catastrophes in the UK and disasters overseas. There are more and ore charity adverts on the tv, in social media.

One can give, but only so much and the more we are bombarded with appeals the more difficult it is to decide who,what, where to help.

BlueBelle Mon 04-Dec-23 19:03:01

Our charity shop is completely flooded with donations including toys kids clothes books etc, really flooded, we are having to have a few hours a day not taking in just so we can catch up