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help for my 79yr dad

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HildaW Sun 15-May-11 12:18:30

Agree with Daisymay...a social service assessment of what your Dad needs could be a jolly good idea...and may well throw up other little things that might make life a bit more fun for him. There are many things like visiting schemes and befriending services as well as the more practiacal measures. Someone can also help with his income...make sure he is getting all his allowances. In some areas Social Services can be a bit slow but in others the charity sector can help too.
Good luck and lets hope your Dad can still enjoy his garden.

Daisymay70 Sun 15-May-11 10:53:17

Hi Toody

I am dusabled and ime sure you can ge help for your dad my front doorstep was too steep and the occupational therapist got me a new lower step made she also got me a grant towards a wet room.

You need to phone your social services and ask for an assesment for your dad from the occupational thererapist ime sure they wuill help him.

bikergran Sun 15-May-11 09:32:09

Hi toody......not sure if you have the same as we do here..but we have a local homewise sheme that comes out and does small jobs...and you just pay for the materials............but if not then Im sure you will have an " age concern branch " near you....maybe start there and they will point you in the righ direction..hope that may be of some help..good luck.

toody Sun 15-May-11 00:13:01

not sure where to post wondered if it's possible to get financial help to have handrail fitted in garden. Dad rarely goes in his back garden as he struggles with two steps. He will sit at the front i know he enjoys this because he can chat to people but i am concerned he was recently burgled and i do wonder if someone had seen him realised he lived alone. We live next door and have made one big back garden so if he could access it would be with his family. Any help/advise would be appreciated.