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Searching for a lump of Blutak

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bagitha Wed 23-Nov-11 11:45:06

.... with which to attach to something else a new 'dust' notice (c/f previous posts about dust bunnies (me) and their pet mice (annobel)) which DD3 presented to me at the weekend — "Dust experiments in progress; do not disturb the samples" — I found instead not one but two bars of chocolate at the bottom of my tea towel drawer, hidden from same DD and forgotten about. grin

What other delightful things (or otherwise!) have people found when searching for something else entirely?

grannyactivist Wed 23-Nov-11 13:45:35

Have lost a £50 Mothercare voucher, and found grandson's cup behind the back cushion of the sofa - missing for several weeks - will let you know what else turns up during my searching.

Ariadne Wed 23-Nov-11 13:48:28

I have lost a tomato sauce bottle (washed!) in which we were putting 5p pieces for a charity. Cannot think WHERE it is, but will start looking seriously and will see what I find...

gracesmum Wed 23-Nov-11 14:21:46

Not found alas, but still looking for a particular pair of black trousers, a blue top to match a pair of blue trousers, and a jumper which no way would I have thrown out confused

glammanana Wed 23-Nov-11 14:26:33

I was looking for my post and found it on "my guilty pleasure" how doppy am I ?

nanachrissy Wed 23-Nov-11 16:36:30

"Doppy"?? Glamma! Is that a new word? I like it. grin

jingl Wed 23-Nov-11 16:57:03

'ere's 'er post. hmm

Dispite my better judgement I bought Mail on Sunday to get their vouchers for Sports Direct towards jacket for DGS3 I saved enough numbers to get 2x gift vouchers and have lost them they don't run out until 31/12/2011 so hopefully I will find them, I did find a black glove I had lost 2 winters ago,but had already thrown the matching one in the rubbish !!

From Glamm


Hunt Wed 23-Nov-11 16:58:45

I think'' Doppy'' must be a mixture of dopey and dippy.

jingl Wed 23-Nov-11 17:04:23

love you Glam. x smile

jingl Wed 23-Nov-11 17:06:19

I have done that. Posted on the wrong thread.

One day, we could just post all our posts on the wrong thread each time. It would be fun working it out!

numberplease Wed 23-Nov-11 17:18:12

I realised the other day that I hadn`t put any money onto my Asda Christmas savings card, then when I went to the compartment in my purse it wasn`t there. I`ve just remembered that I accidentally tipped my purse upside down in a shop in Campbeltown on holiday, I must have missed it when I picked everything up, and there was over £30 on it, sob, sob. Hubby is now certain that I`m stupid.

glammanana Wed 23-Nov-11 18:23:30

OK girls I now have to admit to being dopey got the Ps and Es all in the wrong place I also admit to being dippy so alls normal in the glamma household today. Roll on bedtime and start again tomorrow.confused

GoldenGran Wed 23-Nov-11 18:52:59

DH and I thought we (why we I don't know, it wasn't me that put it in a "safe Place") had lost his watch he inherited from his Grandfather and in turning the house upside down I found a Christmas present that i wrapped last year and forgotten to give to someone. It's being recycled for this year.

Annobel Wed 23-Nov-11 19:11:47

Cannot find the presents I bought to send to NZ for my great nieces and they need to go off soon. confused

crimson Wed 23-Nov-11 19:33:04

Every cloud has a silver lining smile. During the course of my 'house decontamination process and sorting out of life in general' I have found a) A necklace that I lost years ago. I took it on holiday one year and couldn't remember seeing it after I got back. Moved cupboard at top of the stairs last night and, bingo..there it was! b) Old china of my mums. Not precious but quite a pretty design. Had the plate and was sure there was also a jug and bowl but couldn't find it anywhere. Assumed memory had gone west and that they didn't exist at all and, hurrah..whilst checking the corners of the kitchen cupboards to see if any had gaps that mice could get in through..there they were. Also found newspaper cut out of my favourite racehorse, Chief Dan George that I'd promised to copy for a friend [her name is Georgina and she loves him as well]. The downside is that I did something so stupid today that I don't even want to think about it, let alone tell anyone. However, I googled it and found that other people had done 'stupid thing' as well, so that cheered me up.

Annobel Wed 23-Nov-11 19:41:46

Come on. Crimson, you know you'll have to fess up eventually!

glammanana Wed 23-Nov-11 22:48:55

You know you want to tell us really crimson wink

grannyactivist Thu 24-Nov-11 15:01:49

Crimson remember what I said about not revealing that you have a secret or you'll get pressured into revealing it? I think you've just provided a perfect example of that. On a brighter note, whatever it was you can be sure that we've all done stupid things in our time - I know I've done more than my fair

Well I've had a couple of really disturbed night's sleep - you know, when your mind is going through recent events and it's the wee sma' hours and you start thinking.........then you get upset and can't get back to sleep. Fortunately my husband was sleeping in another room so as not to be disturbed by me and at 4am I gave up trying to get to sleep, made myself a cup of tea and turned the bedroom inside out looking for the £50 voucher I'd lost. And I FOUND IT!!! grin Hooray!

Annobel Thu 24-Nov-11 15:37:22

Well done, GA. thanks

Ariadne Thu 24-Nov-11 20:43:26

Well, the sauce bottle has not turned up, but I have found: my DS1's university notes (he's 41), a jockstrap with "this is a jockstrap" embroidered on the front, which can only belong to DS2, and a copy of "M Weston's Good Wine" Anyone ever read that? Oh, and some Blutack, Bagitha - shall I leave it in the corner?

bagitha Thu 24-Nov-11 20:46:45

Oh, yes please, ariadne! I still haven't found any! Blutak is something else I need to hide from DD or there never is any when I need it. Oh, wait.....