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Do you think these photos..............

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onlydoesittoannoy Thu 19-Apr-12 14:24:24

....are sweet, or a bit odd?

They start off well but by number three........ confused

baby pics

tanith Thu 19-Apr-12 14:48:12

Only in America!

Carol Thu 19-Apr-12 15:06:52

Both sweet and odd! hmm

Anagram Thu 19-Apr-12 15:30:12

Some were lovely, but I wasn't keen on the chin-on-hands ones. The one near the end in the sling made me think of sausages! grin

Oldgreymare Thu 19-Apr-12 15:37:34

Totally agree with Tanith, in fact I would go further and say they were odd! Poor babies!

shysal Thu 19-Apr-12 16:13:04

Definitely sweet, and I would say unusual rather than odd. I would have preferred more open-eyed pictures.

Anagram Thu 19-Apr-12 16:36:54

Well, they were all asleep!

pompa Thu 19-Apr-12 17:08:37

These are some wonderful images so creative. #8 is particularly good, perhaps I just like creative photography, I shall have to try to emulate his style when our new grand????? arrives.

grannyactivist Thu 19-Apr-12 17:27:53

Apparently such photographs must be taken before the child is 2 - 3 weeks old whilst they're still 'elastic' enough to hold the poses.

GoldenGran Thu 19-Apr-12 17:35:11

They are sweet.

iamjingl Thu 19-Apr-12 17:47:08

I don't know how they get them to stay in those poses. Is it all down to balance? Do they have to be very quick, before the baby flops! shock confused

pompa you'd better make sure the room is warm enough.

Gally Thu 19-Apr-12 18:22:51

That gauzy thing they are wrapped in reminds me of a caul grin I think they are quite sweet but a bit choreographed perhaps.

Carol Thu 19-Apr-12 23:09:21


You're confusing me now! Which one are you going to settle on? grin

Hankipanki Thu 19-Apr-12 23:22:44

Love them, beautiful baby.

yogagran Thu 19-Apr-12 23:23:44

They look as though they are wrapped in cheesecloth. Too contrived for me

absentgrana Fri 20-Apr-12 03:30:40

Not much interested in babies - except those related to me or to close friends. [miserable old bat emoticon]