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Nonu Mon 03-Sep-12 13:36:47

OMG and I do mean OMG , have just nipped down to Argos to buy a new pair of bathroom scales as my others had packed . so I weighed myself and shock and horror I am about 8 lbs overweight . I cannot believe it I thought the odd glass of wine here and there but just shows how it creeps on . Distraught !

HildaW Mon 03-Sep-12 15:20:15

Distraught? over a couple of extra pounds?.....................hmm sense of proportion required methinks. wink

Littlenellie Mon 03-Sep-12 15:28:27

You slinky minx nonu only 8lbs...respect grin

Marelli Mon 03-Sep-12 15:30:09

Don't be distraught, Nonu! Just have a wee look at Glass's diet thread, and before long all will be well again - it worked for me! smile

Nonu Mon 03-Sep-12 16:00:35

Thanks L , and M , u are kind . Hilda obviously u not overweight , and don"t forget I have only 8 more sleeps to get off before go away. I always put on weight so presumably if you see a barrage ballon walking down the street you will know it"s old Nonu , give me a kind wave !!! [grin grin]no more [cupcakes]

Ella46 Mon 03-Sep-12 16:03:15

Nonu grin grin You do make me chuckle!
I'm sure you're still gorgeous! What's a cuddly bit between friends? wink

Nonu Mon 03-Sep-12 16:06:25

Ella , I know u will say hello . U could be right I do look in mirror and think you a bit of alright , have u been peeking over my shoulder ? {grin]

Nonu Mon 03-Sep-12 16:07:32

Why do every one elses emoticons come up and my mine don"t ?

HildaW Mon 03-Sep-12 16:11:13

Nonu...Oh yes I am! blush

Anagram Mon 03-Sep-12 16:15:07

Nonu you have to be more careful! grin
Make sure both the brackets are square ones, don't put more than one GRIN in and in the case of the cupcake it has to be singular!

Nonu Mon 03-Sep-12 16:30:55

Ana thanks must try harder grin . will see how that one goes . Yea , Hilda but nut as much as me I am about a stone and a half more than last year, to my shame ! grin

Nonu Mon 03-Sep-12 16:31:52

Hallelujah , the Lord be praised

Ella46 Mon 03-Sep-12 16:35:21

Nonu Please don't mention religion on this thread! grin

merlotgran Mon 03-Sep-12 16:39:59

Which make of scales did you buy, Nonu? I'm sure mine aren't working and I'd love to be 8lbs lighter grin

Nonu Mon 03-Sep-12 16:46:52

OK Miss Ella , [grin grin grin] . Merlotgran the very cheapest from Argos £3.95. you know me , love to splash the cash grin

HildaW Mon 03-Sep-12 17:56:08

Oh Nonu, good luck, but I'm getting pragmatic in my old age.....was always 'well covered' but the older I get the more the rest of the population is catching up with me. And weve had more than a few horrid things to cope with so on my scale of whats important.........hey but thats just me! Seriously good luck, I've had my skinny times and it is lovely to not wince when you catch sight of yourself in shop window.

Nonu Mon 03-Sep-12 18:07:31

Thanks buttercup , a word u know I like . takes back to sixties , not that I remember them !!! smileHilda