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supersonic Mon 06-May-19 15:11:22

I’ve not been getting daily emails

Sycamore123 Sat 27-Apr-19 10:09:13

I no longer receive gransnet emails, does anyone know what I can do to restore them?

Divawithattitude Sat 21-Sep-13 22:11:10

Thanks, I have changed or amended my settings.

KatGransnet (GNHQ) Sat 21-Sep-13 18:41:30

Oh dear. We'll get tech to look into this - as I've just checked everyone's newsletter subscriptions and it's marked as subscribed confused

Do try adding [email protected] to your email address book in the mean time.

GrandmaH, Charleygirl and Divawithattitude we'll forward you the newsletter we sent on Thursday.

Galen Sat 21-Sep-13 17:10:31

Same here!

shysal Sat 21-Sep-13 17:09:43

I used to get email notifications but don't now. This thead prompted me to check my inbox and I found an old message which I should have answered quickly. I must get into the habit of checking daily. I have gone to settings as per Gally's post and the box is ticked.

kittylester Sat 21-Sep-13 17:02:33

I get both and one saying I've been picked for the chocolate tasting panel grin

annodomini Sat 21-Sep-13 16:56:55

I still get email notifications of pms.

Lona Sat 21-Sep-13 16:41:19

Check that you've asked for them in your profile and 'saved' at the end!

Divawithattitude Sat 21-Sep-13 16:37:33

no, I don't get them either

Charleygirl Sat 21-Sep-13 16:34:41

Alas, no more and not even in junk mail.

Gally Sat 21-Sep-13 16:32:18

The following is an answer from GN to my question about not receiving e-mails anymore. I have added No reply GN to my address book. I have since then received a couple of notifications of PM's. Not sure if it was that or something else that did the trick!

"Thanks for getting in touch.

We've had one user who's had the same issue - so tech are looking into it.

Can you just check your PM settings ( just in case? The top box should be ticked.

Also, have you checked your junk mail? Sometimes they accidentally get sent to the wrong place. It might help to add '[email protected]' to your address book - to make sure all mails go into your inbox."

Galen Sat 21-Sep-13 16:18:36

I used to get them when I had a pm. No longer!

GrandmaH Sat 21-Sep-13 16:16:59

I used to get regular emails from Gransnet every week telling me what was going on & offers etc. but I haven't any since July.
Is everyone else getting them still?
I did wonder that mine stopped because I did not open them for a couple of weeks as I was on holiday but I sent a mail to ask if I could get them again but no response.
Any ideas?