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Dinosaur Zoo

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Riverwalk Mon 30-Dec-13 13:17:38

Thank you GNHQ for the complimentary tickets to see Dinosaur Zoo at the Phoenix Theatre.


Have a look at the video.

I took my grandchildren, 4 & 8, yesterday and we all had a great time - indeed grandson made his West End debut by being on stage to feed the 'Austrolovenator' who is bigger than T-Rex!

It's a lovely production and very exciting - aimed at the over-3s. The tickets are around £20 which is not a bad price for London and lasts for an hour. Most children seemed to be aged between 3 - 10.

At the end of the show the dinosaurs come back on stage and in the foyer so all the kids could have a hug! tchsmile

Charleygirl Mon 30-Dec-13 14:57:34

What a lovely treat for the children.