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Flippin' Flappy Bird. I can't do it!

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shysal Sun 09-Feb-14 22:43:25

rosesarered, my 13 yr old GD is on 39! I am still stuck on 6. The bird usually takes a nose dive at the first or second pipe.

rosesarered Sun 09-Feb-14 20:22:49

I haven't got past 2 at this game! My DGS aged 9 tried it for first time and scored 9, grrrrrr.

ninathenana Sun 09-Feb-14 12:59:05

I have e-mailed DD the link. Don't know if she will be relieved or annoyed grin

annodomini Sun 09-Feb-14 11:23:23

Thanks - I can't now resist the impulse to download Flappy Birds!

shysal Sun 09-Feb-14 11:14:19

Give Flappy Bird a try, Ariadne, free to download, and according to ga's link, it won't be available after this evening.
And don't you dare tell me you are finding it easy!

Ariadne Sun 09-Feb-14 10:42:28

Sounds interesting, shysal! Is it called Flappy Bird?

I too enjoy Angry Birds; you are right about the skills involved, and I think the later ones are really challenging. I cannot work out Star Wars 2, though!

shysal Sun 09-Feb-14 06:10:47

Thanks ga, it is a relief to me, but my GCs will be disappointed. I kept trying on and off yesterday evening and achieved a personal best of 6, which I think is the highest score I shall achieve -rubbish!

grannyactivist Sun 09-Feb-14 00:58:36

shysal, perhaps you've had a lucky escape as it seems that 'Flappy Bird' is to flap no more.

ninathenana Sat 08-Feb-14 23:24:23

Told DD about this. She'd heard but not tried it. She text me to say "I hate you, for putting me on to this" She agrees it's really hard grin

shysal Sat 08-Feb-14 17:42:23

No Ariadne, it is a different game entirely. All you have to do is tap to keep the bird in place to pass between obstacles which cross the screen. I have increased my score to 3 in the last few minutes, yeah! I understand it can be addictive, mindless though it is.

I have completed Angry Birds plus Rio, Seasons, Space and Star Wars with no problem, although not with all 3*s. They involve logic, physics and geometry which suits me.

Ariadne Sat 08-Feb-14 17:26:18

Oh, is that the last set on one of the earlier games? It took me a while to get the hang of it, but it's a matter of holding fire until the positions are right.

Wait till you try the Space one!

By the way, I am not the only Angry Birds fan, am I Anno?

shysal Sat 08-Feb-14 17:22:07

GS4 introduced me to this latest craze yesterday, so I have downloaded it to my tablet. After 30 minutes of trying, my highest score is2!!!
Any hints would be welcome.
They say patience is a virtue but it is something I lack, maybe that is the problem. I am not bad at the Angry variety of bird, but Flappy has me stumped. sad