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Happy Debn

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Deedaa Tue 29-Apr-14 21:03:45

My godmother who is well into her 90's has suffered torments from gout for years and is definitely not a drinker - well perhaps a small sherry at Christmas grin

Agus Tue 29-Apr-14 20:05:09

Good news Deb. Hope all goes well with your medication.

rosequartz Tue 29-Apr-14 17:56:12

I will check the list and see what is on it. Perhaps that is why I get stingy joint pains if I take codliver oil - duh!

We were going to have oily fish tonight, I think I will still eat it and see if my slightly stinging joints get worse.

Some of the foods recommended for keeping the rest of our bodies healthy can be disastrous for some other bit!

DebnCreme Tue 29-Apr-14 17:41:50

Thank you all for your kind words. Sorry not to reply before been to a WI playreading group. Still chuffed about my BP, brought the pieces of paper home with me so that I could frame them grin

I am just starting Allapurinol so from Theseus' experience Ariadne it sounds reasonably positive though I think I would personally settle for gout. That sounds really nasty annsixty hope your DS is finding things easier now. Seriously I do think these things vary with each atack, and person to person. Right now I am just relieved to have an explanation.

That's difficult for you rosequartz. I have checked the 'to eat' list and there are a lot of changes for me to make, not least of which is drink more water; something I know but tend to forget. As you say mamie the food list is unexpected and I shall miss the oily fish!

Well done henetha just spotted your success, no wonder they were pleased with you at the Healthy Heart Clinic.

rosequartz Tue 29-Apr-14 16:24:58

That's good news, debncreme!

I had a really bad dose of gout when I was very young which I attributed to wholegrain bread (delicious, from a baker which openened up in our village).
Dr. Recommended me to outpatient clinic where I had a steroid injection which helped. I didn't get it for years, but then it started again and I found I was allergic to Allapurinol, so it's a case of trial and error with food and drink. Liver, brown bread and wholewheat cereals are some of the triggers for me.
Glucosamine or similar to help joint pain make it much worse for some reason.

annsixty Tue 29-Apr-14 16:14:00

That is my DS's med Ariadne along with Naprosyn. A few weeks ago his knee was so swollen he was kept in hospital overnight to have the fluid drained off.

Ariadne Tue 29-Apr-14 16:10:01

Debn one of the most pleasing things about my pro op assessment (and post op, come to that) assessment was that BP, heart rhythm, bloods etc were all fine! It really is a boost.

Theseus has gout, but is on Allapurinol and since he started taking it has not had one attack. But I know the pain is excruciating; to wind me up, he swears it is worse than childbirth!

annsixty Tue 29-Apr-14 16:08:17

Gout is on the rise for what reason I don't know.My DS has had it now for a few years and takes medication and also has quite a resticted diet.He also know what the triggers are and has frequent blood tests for his Uric acid levels.When it is in his feet in particular he cannot walk the pain is so bad.

Mamie Tue 29-Apr-14 15:22:12

My OH gets gout (very painful) if he has too much oily fish. It is worth checking the foods that cause it as they are not what you might expect.

henetha Tue 29-Apr-14 14:51:33

Brilliant news, DebnCreme. Me too..... B.P.down, cholesterol down, and lost one-and-a-half-stone since last year due to 5.2. diet. They were pleased with me at the Healthy Heart Clinic.
Wishing you good health.

dustyangel Tue 29-Apr-14 10:59:25

That's great news Deb. smile

Nonu Tue 29-Apr-14 10:47:44

You too DEB.

Oldgreymare Tue 29-Apr-14 10:43:19

Good news Debn, see you soon!

Dragonfly1 Tue 29-Apr-14 10:31:30

Deb smile

DebnCreme Tue 29-Apr-14 10:23:55

Saw the doctor yesterday. Took BP on a self worked machine and it was NORMAL. Cholestorol level okay and following a blood test only taken as a 'well maybe.....' uric acid levels quite high. Seems my hand and feet problems could be gout. Before anyone asks, these days I don't drink much but am overweight and also take water tablets. I'm happy because this could explain a lot although I am taking nothing for granted.

Can't remember when my BP was normal. grin have a nice day everyone smile