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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 14-May-14 07:02:43

Good Morning Everyone,
Its looking sunny here in Brackley.

gillybob Wed 14-May-14 07:08:17

Good morning Michael and everyone. It was a beautiful, warm and sunny day here on the North East coast yesterday followed by thunder,lightening and very heavy rain last night. Another sunny start today.

Have a good day everyone. Off to work soon as we have important customers coming in at nine. No doubt I will be on tea and coffee duty as per usual.

kittylester Wed 14-May-14 07:25:00

Good morning all!

A lovely sunny start in North Leicestershire so a day playing in the garden is on the cards.

Enjoy your days everyonesunshine

Brendawymms Wed 14-May-14 07:27:35

Good morning from East Sussex. Blue sky and no wind, should get the washing dry.
Had a poor night due to my ribs. Have/had a popped rib manipulated yesterday.

Aka Wed 14-May-14 07:28:36

Good morning. A lovely sunny day forecast for Warwickshire. Pity I've got a dentist appointment, but at least it's only a check up (I hope) sunshine

Aka Wed 14-May-14 07:29:39

PS hope ribs not too bad today Brenda

NanKate Wed 14-May-14 07:31:44

Good morning to Mick an all.

The weather looks set to be lovely for the next few days. I think I can wear my nice new lilac summer trousers I bought recently.

PRINTMISS Wed 14-May-14 08:01:52

Good morning everyone, we have a bright sunny morning here, and the forecast is good. Heavy showers yesterday so the garden will be wet, but hopefully I shall be able to get out there and tidy up some of the climbing plants which seem to have taken off at an alarming rate. Enjoy your days.

Dragonfly1 Wed 14-May-14 08:11:42

Sunny morning here. DGS1 (5) broke his arm at school yesterday, poor little man, so I've got littlest DGS this morning while mum takes the eldest back to fracture clinic. Also two years today since we took my darling daughter into the hospice. Saddest journey of my life. Have a good day, everyone.

Lona Wed 14-May-14 08:23:03

Good morning friends, it's lovely and sunny here too.

Brenda Hope your ribs calm down today flowers

I'm having a relatively quiet week as I've been avoiding family. The upsets just bounce back from one to another, and I've reached saturation point.
If they don't talk to me, I worry,if they do talk to me ,I worry!
When will I learn? grin

My friend is back in hospital as her drain wounds have started to bleed quite heavily. Drains are going back in today. I don't understand why they don't leave them in longer in the first place.

Lona Wed 14-May-14 08:24:11

Dragonfly flowers

Pittcity Wed 14-May-14 08:29:36

Sun is shining here in Colchester and I am looking forward to hanging the bedding on the line once yesterdays puddles have receded.

KatyK Wed 14-May-14 09:53:35

Beautiful sunshine in Brum

Bellasnana Wed 14-May-14 10:40:53

Good morning. It's sunny but blowing a gale here today. We are just back from the hospital where DH had to have an ultrasound on his heart.

Lona so sorry your friend is back in the hospital. I remember my sister was sent home with the drains in but they kept falling out so she had to go back at least three times to the hospital. Hope they get her sorted out and comfortable soon flowers

Dragonfly what bad luck for your poor little DGS breaking his arm. Hope he will soon be over the shock and no doubt will be getting some treats to ease the pain smile

flowers for your very sad anniversary today. I can't begin to imagine how hard it must be for you to think back to such a sad event.