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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 20-Jul-14 06:57:04

Good Morning Everyone,
Its looking grey with hardly any wind this morning here in Brackley .

nannotgran Sun 20-Jul-14 07:42:28

Well you name it we had it last night . including 1hr power cut and 3 small ones.At the moment its a lovely morning but we are promised more of last night GREAT.Have a nice day From north essexsad

TwiceAsNice Sun 20-Jul-14 08:08:02

Good morning all. Rained last night cloudy and trying to improve. At DD house in Surrey sat on the sofa with DGD,s watching a Disney movie whilst everyone else in house snoozing in bed. Better take the tea up soon!!

dorsetpennt Sun 20-Jul-14 08:16:09

Hopefully we wont get any more rain today. We have a picnic birthday party in Strawberry Hill Park

thatbags Sun 20-Jul-14 08:17:16

We had a short power cut last night too and masses of rain. Nothing unusual for here though. It looked quite autumnal when I woke up at four this morning with sea mist over the loch and the hayfield next to us silvery with flattened grass, almost like frost. It's quite a mild morning (14°) with 100% humidity but not actually raining.

Galen Sun 20-Jul-14 08:25:05

Off to shoot a few ends now my arm has healed enough, it's lovely here.

thatbags Sun 20-Jul-14 08:26:44

Good to hear that, galen – all of it! – healed arm, arrows, and lovely weather smile

Galen Sun 20-Jul-14 08:27:15


hildajenniJ Sun 20-Jul-14 09:20:03

Overcast here in Northumberland, but still warm. Lots of rain yesterday but no thunder.
Very short power cut, missed by everyone until we wanted the oven timer.

harrigran Sun 20-Jul-14 10:19:32

Good morning, a bit grey here but no extremes of weather. We did not get any of the storms or heavy rain just a bit misty and drizzly during the night. DS's family are in a cottage on the side of a reservoir in Scotland so hope it is dry enough to let the GC out to play.

whitewave Sun 20-Jul-14 10:26:52

Good morning everyone - hope you all have a lovely day.

Walking this morning facing north the sky was glorious and the sun hot but if I turned around and looked South the sea and sky were dove grey and I could not tell where one started and the other ended.
Still very humid here on the South Coast.

Lots of marble white butterflies out today on the thistles and knapweed

dustyangel Sun 20-Jul-14 10:35:52

Good morning, a lovely bright clear day here, sunny and fresh. Our temp went down to 14 degrees overnight Bags felt a bit nippy compared to what it has been. grin.
We didn't get our promised rain yesterday. The black clouds all blew up north I'm afraid.

Have a good day everyone. sunshine

celebgran Sun 20-Jul-14 10:45:18

Good morning another storm last night but frinton on sea is still not and humid!,