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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 07-Sep-14 06:13:30

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a grey but dry start here in Brackley this morning.

Gagagran Sun 07-Sep-14 06:21:14

Good morning Mick and everyone. It's a bit of a gloomy outlook at the moment here in SE Hampshire but the forecast is better later. It's "drawing in" now though (as my Mum used to say about the shortening days).

Feeling sorry for myself with a nasty head cold I must have brought back from our hols in France.

Happy day everybody! sunshine

Kiora Sun 07-Sep-14 06:53:32

Morning Mick. Long time no see(or posting in this case) the mist is lifting here in Kent. It's one of those very late summer mornings. You can feel the start of an autumnal nip with a promise of a sunny warm day ahead. I am off to Liverpool over the next few days for a sad last goodbye. I wonder what the weather holds for us in the wonderful north west. Ps a red sun is just appearing over roof tops. Beautiful sight. sunshine

Grannyknot Sun 07-Sep-14 07:00:23

Morning all. Husband is away for an early golf game, I'm off downstairs soon with the duvet around me and tea and toast on a tray to watch a movie I recorded a few days ago. So what the weather is doing won't apply to me for at least another 2 hours!

Happy day, everyone.

NfkDumpling Sun 07-Sep-14 07:29:59

Grey, still and autumnal here. We were going birding but haven't yet summoned up the energy.

Galen Sun 07-Sep-14 07:45:06

Promises to be sunny

kittylester Sun 07-Sep-14 07:46:12

Good morning all!

A brightish start to the day in north Leicestershire but I can tell that it is going to be getting colder as the boiler has a funny sign where the temperature should be confused

Today, I have sole charge of 2 dgc while DH and DD3 move her stuff to storage assuming, that is, that the storage place has a much bigger one than the one we first booked!

On yesterday's topic of terrapins - there are plans to clear a canal near here which can't be begun until the terrapins are removed because they give a really nasty bite!

Enjoy your days everyone sunshine

PRINTMISS Sun 07-Sep-14 07:59:51

Good morning everyone, and at last we have a sunny morning, the past week has been very overcast, and although not cold, the sun does make a difference! Enjoyed my afternoon bowling yesterday, but three people failed to turn up, having put their names down as available, and that makes things very difficult for the organisers who have spent a long time getting things arranged - thirty very angry members! Never mind, water under the bridge. Anyone want to meet up at Chichester in early October? There are two of us so far, all welcome.

Gagagran Sun 07-Sep-14 08:04:00

I'm up for Chichester too Printmiss so that's three of us - you, Jam and me. Must be more GNs who could easily get to beautiful Chichester?

Brendawymms Sun 07-Sep-14 08:31:44

Good morning from East Sussex. Blue sky and bird calls this morning. There is also not a breath of wind.
My mother also used to say "that the nights were drawing in" Gagagran. I find I am closing the curtains earlier and earlier. The garden has also decided in the last week that it's time to pack up and go to sleep until spring.

suebailey1 Sun 07-Sep-14 09:17:38

Morning! Started fine here but clouding over. DH and I are going to church this morning for the first time in yonks. we are both very traditional C of E and don't enjoy modern services. The Vicar assures us that the 1st and 3rd Sundays are traditional but not 'high'. At the first sound of a tambourine or guitar I'm off!!

ninathenana Sun 07-Sep-14 09:28:18

Morning all.

I will be down Chichester way from 27th October for 7days smile
Kiora it is still very misty in this part of Kent. Although the forecast is sunshine. I planned to wash all my bed linen today sad

Lona Sun 07-Sep-14 10:24:16

Good morning from a very sunny Cheshire. It's very peaceful too as the main road (at the end of my cul de sac) is closed for resurfacing, and the workmen are tiptoeing so far!

Had a lovely babysitting evening, my dgd insisted on holding my hand until she fell asleep. I couldn't resist even though I was stuck on the floor for ages! grin

jamsidedown Sun 07-Sep-14 10:29:20

Good morning everyone
Bit of a lie in this morning, the weather certainly not encouraging me to get up. Grey, but maybe improving. It certainly did yesterday, lovely blue sunny end to the day. Yes, nights are drawing in.

I hope we can get a good group together to meet in Chichester!

Stansgran Sun 07-Sep-14 10:59:29

Beautiful day in Durham. Blue sky and fluffy clouds. I think it's the Great North Run. They are expecting their millionth runner. Hope no-one collapses.

harrigran Sun 07-Sep-14 11:02:03

Good morning from a glorious north east. Second round of birthday celebrations, GD1 is nine tomorrow but as it is a school day we will have fun this afternoon smile

dustyangel Sun 07-Sep-14 11:18:29

Good morning all. Horrible weather here, everyone else had just set off for the supermarket when there was a cloudburst of torrential rain, I think they might have got to the car but I couldn't see that far. grin It's stopped for now and a thick mist has come down, It's like being swathed in wet cotton wool.

hildajenniJ Sun 07-Sep-14 11:26:57

Good morning everyone. What a lovely morning we have in Northumberland. The washing is on the line and I'm just going to harvest some beetroot from then garden to have with a roast chicken for lunch. Another Santa Stocking is well on the way to completion. I'll have to find an outlet for them. Maybe a boot fair, or perhaps ebay. Any other ideas welcome.

ninathenana Sun 07-Sep-14 12:30:55

Local 'C'(can't use the word yet !) craft fare hilda ?