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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 15-Sep-14 06:49:47

Another Grey start here in Brackley this morning, hope it brightens up later.

NfkDumpling Mon 15-Sep-14 07:03:26

Quite damp here. We've obviously had a bit of much needed rain overnight. Apparently it should be bright with maybe the odd heavy shower. Since that's already passed perhaps it'll just brighten!

Have a happy Monday Everyone.

12Michael Mon 15-Sep-14 07:20:38

Its fine rain here now.

PRINTMISS Mon 15-Sep-14 07:33:17

Good morning everyone, another lovely morning, we could do with some rain! Gardening today, tidying the hedges and hopefully getting some bulbs into pots, but must get some compost first. We had a lazy weekend just watching bowls - got told of for chatting and disturbing the players! Prima Donnas! Enjoy your days.

Brendawymms Mon 15-Sep-14 07:44:00

Grey and light drizzle in East Sussex.

Gagagran Mon 15-Sep-14 07:56:04

Morning all from another lovely golden day in SE Hampshire. Nothing exciting on the agenda today but it picks up later in the week.

Happy day everybody! sunshine

kittylester Mon 15-Sep-14 08:00:12

Good morning all!

Grey and drizzly here in North Leicestershire and I do wish I had remembered to bring the washing in last night grin. I didn't get round to watering the bit of the garden that gets really dry either so we could do with a downpour rather than drizzle!

An admin day for me today and then a visit to mum!

Enjoy your days everyone sunshine

suebailey1 Mon 15-Sep-14 08:32:19

Good Morning bit grey here but I think it will brighten up - I have foresworn the golf course for the cinema in Leicester this morning - The Hundred Foot Journey 11am showing - should be a strange experience at that time f day but hopefully an empty auditorium.

Have a nice day (ironic emoticon in American accent)

whitewave Mon 15-Sep-14 10:30:07

Good morning - another glorious start to the day, although once again it looks as if the Weald is shrouded in fog.

Wind north and blowing some of the fog towards the coast.

Might go for a stroll along the beach later and stop for tea and a bun

KatyK Mon 15-Sep-14 11:12:16

Dull and cool in Brum. We are headed for Devon today so we may find some