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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 16-Sep-14 06:51:34

Good Morning Everyone,
Its looking a little brighter this morning in Brackley, only downside I have is fly's in my apartment.

NfkDumpling Tue 16-Sep-14 07:00:27

Morning Mick. All misty, moisty and autumnal here this morning.

Flies are horrible. Hate them. We came home after a couple of days away last month to find blue bottles in the kitchen. Big shiney blue beauties. All was clean - we'd even had the fridge out recently. Never did find where they came from.

Have a lovely day Everyone.

12Michael Tue 16-Sep-14 07:05:02

Think warmer weather has resulted in more fly`s about , we need a long cold spell between October and March.

Gagagran Tue 16-Sep-14 07:08:12

Morning all! Bit grey and cloudy here so far - better forecast for later.

Funny you have so many flies, Mick as we have noticed how few we have had and literally not one wasp so far. Think they must have all moved inland to Brackley!

Happy days everybody. sunshine

kittylester Tue 16-Sep-14 07:18:42

Morning all!

We have a real autumnal start, too, here in Leicestershire and the heating came on first thing.

A busy babysitting day as DD tries to finish clearing the house. I think we'll all feel better when this bit is sorted and DD can move forward!

Enjoy your days everyone sunshine

PRINTMISS Tue 16-Sep-14 07:28:49

Good morning all, it is OH! SO DULL this morning, feels like winter already after a nice day gardening yesterday. Like you Gaga we have had very few flies and can't remember seeing a wasp this year. Not a good thing really because although they are pests, they all help with the pollinating etc. We shall probably have swarms of them now! Anyway, enjoy your days, I am off to play my usual Tuesday morning roll-up at bowls which is always enjoyable.

Lona Tue 16-Sep-14 07:34:57

Morning friends, it's dull at the moment but good things are forecast! sunshine
I'm off to Trentham Gardens for a day with dd. She gave me instructions on what to wear on my feet and to "take a jacket"!
Have I already lost my marbles and no one told me? grin

Brendawymms Tue 16-Sep-14 07:58:59

Good morning all. Calm and cloudy in East Sussex.
The latest knitting is coming along now that I have mastered the pattern and I am just about to cut out an all wool dress once I find the dining table. It seems to become the dumping ground for all things that need taking upstairs.

ninathenana Tue 16-Sep-14 08:04:37

Morning all.
Thick mist here in N.Kent. Bright sun is forecast for later.

We're having new garage door fitted today. I think we need it. As far as I know the wooden ones we have now are as old as the house, which is 1950's !

Scaredycat1 Tue 16-Sep-14 08:05:50

Morning! Chimney sweep day. It must be autumn! Have a good Tuesday everyone.

Stansgran Tue 16-Sep-14 08:18:41

The sea fret has reached Durham . Off to Cragside with Australian visitor. Hope it clears before then.

AlieOxon Tue 16-Sep-14 08:51:25

Mornin' all.
Dull here, hopefully brightening. We haven't had many flies. But yesterday I noticed a lot of spiderwebs on the hedges and washing line posts, at least three different kinds - big wide and small circular webs, and small felted ones on the hedge, very autumny.

whitewave Tue 16-Sep-14 20:01:34

Just had to say what an absolutely glorious day today it has been - 24c and no wind - went out with my lunch ladies and sat in a pub garden by a lovely river revelling in the sun in fact we had to sit in the shade - this can go on and on with luck