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Harry and the Mexican Wave

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jinglbellsfrocks Wed 17-Sep-14 09:39:57

he's quite the showman! Seems very at home on a stage. grin

glammanana Wed 17-Sep-14 10:05:31

He is a pleasure to watch jings thanks for the link I missed the end on TV.

HollyDaze Wed 17-Sep-14 15:34:14

He really is coming into his own isn't he smile

I always felt a bit sorry for him being in the shadow of William but he really is becoming his own shining light - and that is lovely. His mother would be as proud of both young men as his father (and, apparently, grandparents) is (are).

PRINTMISS Thu 18-Sep-14 07:45:20

Yes, I like Harry, but he is the lucky one, he can (and does) get in the crowd and enjoy himself - whereas William must feel a bit restrained by the fact that he might well one day be king. I think both 'boys' are doing well in their own field, and we are fortunate to have them on our side.

Crow Thu 18-Sep-14 09:19:23

Thanks Jings it made me smile.

suebailey1 Thu 18-Sep-14 16:11:05

I'm not keen I must say it reminds me of the Royals did Its a Knock Out - not dignified.

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 18-Sep-14 16:19:25

Oh poo!

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 18-Sep-14 16:20:02


Deedaa Fri 19-Sep-14 21:28:06

Am I the only person in the world who enjoyed the royal It's a Knock Out? I still think it was jolly good fun.

Ana Fri 19-Sep-14 21:58:08

It was shown in 1987, ex-DH and I were in our 30s and enjoyed it too, Deeda! We certainly didn't consider it 'not dignified' for royals to participate.

suebailey1 Sat 20-Sep-14 15:45:22

I did. Poo to you I'm entitled to my opinion and I prefer not to see them capering about like clowns.

hildajenniJ Sat 20-Sep-14 16:43:21

Likewise suebailey.

Ana Sat 20-Sep-14 17:25:42

Did you watch it, Sue and Hilda?

Anniebach Sat 20-Sep-14 19:52:04

I watched it, didn't think it was not dignified , what's wrong with having fun? They didn't hurt anyone, raised money for charity , enjoyed themselves

I am not a great fan of the windsors but there are times they are damned no matter what,

Undignified was Diana on the panorama interview, or in an operating theatre with full makeup and jewellery , I dislike competition for popularity stakes

Ana Sat 20-Sep-14 20:37:08

Absolutely agree, Anniebach.

numberplease Sat 20-Sep-14 22:46:33

Blimey, it doesn`t seem 27 years ago, it was just a bit of harmless fun, and it was unusual in those days to see the Royals without their stiff upper lips, it was nice.