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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 08-Oct-14 06:55:12

Good Morning Everyone,
Its grey and cloudy here at the moment here in Brackley this morning.

berdie Wed 08-Oct-14 07:01:51

Morning Mick, looks like it might be nice this morning here in Bradford, forecast is good for the morning, but rain this afternoon. Have a good day people.

PRINTMISS Wed 08-Oct-14 08:06:50

Good morning all, we have rain here again this morning, but I think the forecast for this afternoon is good. Off to a meeting to see if we can get a friends organisation up and running to help United Response, the organisation which cares so well for our son. It is has been an uphill struggle, but I think we are getting there. Enjoy your days.

Brendawymms Wed 08-Oct-14 08:21:07

Good morning to everyone. The rain is hammering it down in East Sussex. Very dark and dank.
A duvet day I think.

nannotgran Wed 08-Oct-14 08:37:20

Not at all nice this morning in north essex very grey and raining

ninathenana Wed 08-Oct-14 09:05:46

Morning all.

Steady rain here in Kent after what turned out to be a sunny but cool day yesterday.
The winter skirts are out sad

hildajenniJ Wed 08-Oct-14 09:10:18

Good morning one and all. There must be a north/south divide in the weather today. It's a lovely morning in Northumberland. The sunrise was beautiful, all fluffy pink clouds and an orange sky in the east. Better make the most of it though. Showers expected later.

annodomini Wed 08-Oct-14 09:13:31

Good morning. It's bright and cold here in NE Cheshire. According to my max/min thermometer it's been down to 1C overnight.

Teetime Wed 08-Oct-14 09:19:43

Morning all the weather cant make up its mind here in the East Midlands- shall put rain gear on and golf anyway - all housework done and dinner made before I go though. Have a lovely day.

Grannybug Wed 08-Oct-14 09:34:31

Good morning all it's a mix of heavy showers and a sky that is trying to brighten up here in East Northants. Planned a walk this morning so looks like waterproofs will be needed. Have a lovely day everyone

jamsidedown Wed 08-Oct-14 09:44:35

Good morning all, has been raining here in Petersfield but there is the tiniest amount of blue now. Not a good start to the day, ordered two rolls of wallpaper from John Lewis and today they delivered one. Customer Services can't explain it and say I will have to wait another five days for another one (they don't do click and collect for this apparently). Hopefully the warehouse will ring me so they get the batch number right - grr! Off up the allotment in waterproofs to take it out on the weeds!

Londongirl Wed 08-Oct-14 10:18:38

Good morning all, it was drizzling when I took the dog at 6.30 this morning, it rained when I walked across Westminster Bridge to work and looking out of the window now, it is still raining. And everybody seems to feel as miserable as it looks outside.

Galen Wed 08-Oct-14 10:24:24

Cold and grey

harrigran Wed 08-Oct-14 11:04:07

Good morning, it is a lovely autumn morning smile sunshine