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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 09-Oct-14 06:43:46

Good Morning Everyone,
Its cloudy with a bit of wind here in Brackley this morning.

baubles Thu 09-Oct-14 07:28:48

Good morning Mick, it is much the same here, hoping for some sunshine later in the day.

AlieOxon Thu 09-Oct-14 08:08:55

Mornin' baubles and Mick I'm up early to get ready for meeting here this afternoon - keep telling myself it will be all right......
Shiny here at present.

PRINTMISS Thu 09-Oct-14 08:20:04

Good morning everyone, it is not raining and the sun is trying to break through, two good things to start the day. I think someone is coming to look at the fridge/freezer today, sometimes the freezer part defrosts, then starts up again, but then the stuff in the fridge freezes! Enjoy your days.

Teetime Thu 09-Oct-14 08:28:56

Looks fine this morning after downpours yesterday. Off to my stint in The Fairtrading Post later after Sainsbury delivery- shall I put the washing out or not though that is the question. Happy Day to all smile

hildajenniJ Thu 09-Oct-14 09:09:37

Good morning Mick and everyone. It's fine at the moment, with watery sunshine, there's not a breath of wind to disturb the leaves and grasses in the garden. Northumberland is beautiful, resplendent in Autumn colours.

Breezy showers are to be expected later though.

kittylester Thu 09-Oct-14 09:12:28

Good morning!

I have no idea what the weather is like (although I can't hear rain) as I've spent most of the night on the loo so I'm staying in bed! I'm still not ok but at least no one else has it so it can't have been my cooking! grin

I can lie here with a clear conscience though as I finished the ironing yesterday! Maybe that's what made me I'll!

Charleygirl Thu 09-Oct-14 09:15:47

The sun is out in NW London and it is not cold. I have a feeling that rain will be appearing in the not too distant future.

kittylester Thu 09-Oct-14 09:24:04

I'll ill!

Teetime Thu 09-Oct-14 09:28:54

poor you kitty hope it clears up soon

annodomini Thu 09-Oct-14 09:36:02

Good morning all. Raining again here in NE Cheshire. Looking a bit grim! Is this the day for sorting out all those papers I've shoved into a drawer? hmm

jamsidedown Thu 09-Oct-14 09:38:35

Good morning everyone, kitty sorry to hear you are under the weather. Not sure what our weather is, there has been rain, sun, now overcast so more rain to come. Very heavy downpours yesterday as I unloaded the shopping. Off to the cinema again today, a Scandi noir type comedy thriller. Have a good day everyone.

nannotgran Thu 09-Oct-14 10:09:42

Hope you soon feel better Kitty.Weather in north essex is very nice plenty of sunshine a bit chilly

harrigran Thu 09-Oct-14 11:40:50

Good morning, lovely sunny day after the rain last night.
Get well soon kitty flowers

Grannybug Thu 09-Oct-14 12:05:50

It's a breezy sunny day here in East Northants .