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Gang-nan style

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janerowena Fri 24-Oct-14 00:06:31

A friend sent me this link, she lives there and is in the video. She says it was such fun to make.

shysal Fri 24-Oct-14 07:08:12

I bet your friend had great fun! I loved watching it! smile

ninathenana Fri 24-Oct-14 08:09:33

grin grin

Oldgreymare Fri 24-Oct-14 09:01:20

Lovely to watch..... just the start needed to a busy Friday!

glassortwo Fri 24-Oct-14 09:16:56

Brilliant. grin

janerowena Fri 24-Oct-14 10:29:17

Worthing has a reputation for being full of older people, as does Eastbourne, but she says it's a really good mixture and a lovely place to live in.

MiniMouse Fri 24-Oct-14 12:21:44

grin The worms are turning!

Nonu Fri 24-Oct-14 13:02:35


janerowena Fri 24-Oct-14 18:37:01

It really cheered me up, too.

absent Fri 24-Oct-14 19:26:16

So not the sunny cemetery of the South after all. grin