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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 15-Nov-14 06:39:07

Good Morning Everyone,
Its another wet morning here in Brackley off to Leicester on the buses later.

Agus Sat 15-Nov-14 07:34:44

Good morning Mick and all.

A very damp misty morn here. There is an eerie atmosphere outside with all the mist around, not a sound as I sit having a coffee waiting for the world to waken up.

kittylester Sat 15-Nov-14 08:19:56

Good morning!

Don't expect the weather to be any different in Leicestershire Mick, it's damp and misty here too! Is there something special going on in Leicester?

Today, we are taking the sofa cushions to be restuffed!! Then a little c*******s shopping!

Enjoy your days everyone sunshine

PRINTMISS Sat 15-Nov-14 09:06:28

Good morning to you all, I slept late this morning, so have to rearrange our day, which is not so bad really, as we were planning to do a great deal more than we should. However, a flower demonstration on the cards for this pm. which I am going to with a friend, and will enjoy. Calm and dry weather-wise here, so washing will go on the line. Enjoy your days.

Oldgreymare Sat 15-Nov-14 09:09:51

Good morning, misty here too, may pop into Bath I have a hole in my wardrobe for a pale blue lambswool sweater (very specific I know). If I had dosh to spare I would be heading off to Cheltenham. Will record to watch later, when it will be too late to have a flutter!

daffydil Sat 15-Nov-14 09:17:33

Grey and dull here in mid Essex but no wind.
Session with the physiotherapist later I am very high maintenance these days - physio, chiropodist, repeat prescriptions. Heigh ho.
Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Nelliemoser Sat 15-Nov-14 09:38:18

Good morning! It's very grey in Cheshire right now. Please may we have some sunshine soon.

ninathenana Sat 15-Nov-14 09:59:36

Morning all.
It was dry when I got up at 7. Rain started about an hour ago. We have both DGC from mid day today until about 3pm tomorrow. I will be knackered by then smile

Lona Sat 15-Nov-14 10:01:33

I don't think that's going to happen Nellie so here's some sunshine

Feeling gloomy myself so just going to kick myself up the rear! smile

Have a good weekend everyone!

annodomini Sat 15-Nov-14 10:28:47

Morning all. An illusion of sunlight from the yellow leaves on the birches. Sadly that's all it is - an illusion!

ffinnochio Sat 15-Nov-14 10:58:46

Good morning all. The moon didn't wake me up this morning, but an early video call did from my son with a very wakeful 9 mth old granddaughter did. Loved it. smile
The coffee making machine's gurgling noises were enjoyed!
Fresh and sunny - perfect for a later tramp around the lanes.

Atqui Sat 15-Nov-14 11:22:06

Cloudy with the sun trying to shine through in Devon. Wondering weather to walk by the coast or on the moor.

Lapwing Sat 15-Nov-14 12:02:38

Good morning all. One of those days when the weather cannot quite make up its mind what it wants to do - sunny, cloudy, showry, windy and cold.

Going to wrap up well after lunch and go for a long country walk.

hildajenniJ Sat 15-Nov-14 12:21:39

Hardly morning now but hello everyone.
It's a grey day in Northumberland. No rain but very dull. Typical November weather.

FarNorth Sat 15-Nov-14 12:23:21

I'm lazing around being nice to myself, trying to fend off a cold that's starting.
Weather a bit dull but the wind's dropped which makes it much quieter today.