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Good Morning WEdnesday

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12Michael Wed 19-Nov-14 07:07:30

Good Morning Everyone,
Its light dry but cloudy here in Brackley this morning.

thatbags Wed 19-Nov-14 07:13:02

Morning all. Tiny strip of apricot light in the south-east. Plenty clouds but breezier than yesterday. Forecast is that it will be a good garden bonfire day. I'm still spiraea-bashing so bonfire potential=good.

hildajenniJ Wed 19-Nov-14 07:56:22

Good morning Mick and everyone.
It's cloudy and damp in Northumberland this morning. Going to get my hair trimmed this morning. Not before time, I look like a gonk (remember those)

NfkDumpling Wed 19-Nov-14 07:59:52

Good morning All

It seems to be a clear day with a bit of high cloud and a reasonably good forecast. It'll probably stay dry too as we're off to a history lecture this morning so those outside jobs still won't get done - but at least the ground may dry out a bit.

Happy Wednesday All sunshine

tanith Wed 19-Nov-14 08:04:59

Good morning all
High cloud but it looks mild and dry for now.. hope it stays that way. Off to walk to the pool shortly for a swim and later hope the lawn is dry enough to walk on I have some primroses I've split up and need to get in the ground soonest..

Have a good day

Brendawymms Wed 19-Nov-14 08:08:37

Good morning from East Sussex. Calm and bright at the moment, a day without rain would be nice.
Spent hours yesterday, knitting, unknitting and finally pulling it out to start again today.

ninathenana Wed 19-Nov-14 08:20:47

Morning all.

Hazy sunshine here in N Kent, with patches of blue sky. It's very still so the hazy may linger.
No plans for today, just pottering at this n that.

PRINTMISS Wed 19-Nov-14 08:23:30

Good morning all, dry here, as it was all day yesterday, but unfortunately I am out this morning, so will not be able to get into the garden to sweep up the leaves. Love the trees, hate the leaves! Dentist early on then to cath up with the knit and natter group who are planning lunch nearer Christmas, that'll be three. Will I feel like Christmas lunch on Christmas day? Enjoy your days.

Lona Wed 19-Nov-14 08:25:44

Morning all, dull and damp here but it should brighten up later.
Exercise class this morning, then coffee and lots of chat!

Have a good day y'all!

nannotgran Wed 19-Nov-14 08:28:25

Its not raining yet in north essex but it is cloudy and damp.What we need are some cold dry days surely there cannot be much more rain up there? Have good day

Teetime Wed 19-Nov-14 08:35:10

Good morning from a bright dry Melton Mowbray - off to golf today well wrapped up I think in lots of layers. We've been here four years today so we are celebrating its a good place to live and our house is very comfortable - it was a good move even though we miss The Dales.
Hope you are all having a good day. smile

baubles Wed 19-Nov-14 08:39:31

Good morning, fine and dry here again today. Out for lunch and a catch up with a friend, looking forward to it.

whitewave Wed 19-Nov-14 09:48:38

No wind and cloud with a glimpse of brightness.

Made Christmas chutney, mincemeat and puddings yesterday so making the cake today after overnight soaking in Grand Marnier. Yum!

dustyangel Wed 19-Nov-14 11:33:09

Morning all, a misty,moisty morning in the Algarve hills. As the forecast was for almost constant rain, we are counting ourselves lucky. hildaj I've been wondering why staying in bed made my hair stand on end. I've obviously got some Gonk blood. I'm allowed more spells up now but will have to go back tomorrow as my neck is not quite right.
Have a good day everyone.sunshine