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vampirequeen Tue 30-Dec-14 08:35:38

Another thread got me thinking about minor religions.

Did you know that both Jediism (yes based on the ideas from Star Wars), devil worship and Satanism are protected by UK religious tolerance laws?

I've looked at the teachings of Jediism and tbh it's an incredibly tolerant religion.

Satanism isn't what I expected it to be.

Devil worship seems to be the Hammer House of Horrors version.

Teetime Tue 30-Dec-14 09:19:33

Interesting - I have heard several people say they are following the ways of the Jedi.

Iam64 Tue 30-Dec-14 14:31:46

I can't recall the numbers, but a lot of people put Jedi as their faith during a recent census. I'd thought it was classic Brit humour, but maybe not grin

jinglbellsfrocks Tue 30-Dec-14 14:53:21

I think it started out as humour, but now some people are making a religion out of it.

Well, it can't really be a religion as such. More a way of living your life. Which is fine (I think).

jinglbellsfrocks Tue 30-Dec-14 14:54:25

So long as you don't start attacking your enemies with light sabres.

Lona Tue 30-Dec-14 14:59:13

Oh drat jings I like playing with those light sabres!

Galen Tue 30-Dec-14 14:59:14

The FSM is still around you know!

constance Tue 30-Dec-14 15:18:11

What about the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?
I vaguely remember someone campaigning to wear a colander on his head in his driving licence photo.

What is FSM?

Galen Tue 30-Dec-14 16:18:02

That's the FSM! I mentioned it above.

vampirequeen Tue 30-Dec-14 19:19:55

Ooh I'd forgotten about the FSM.

Jediism began as a joke during the 2001 Census when someone realised that if a certain number of people claimed to be Jedi then it would become an official religion. The idea then snowballed and although they don't believe in a God, they have 16 rules to live by which basically say be nice to each other and be nice to yourself. I can't help thinking if we all kept to that then the world would be a better place for everyone. OMG is the force with me grin

absent Tue 30-Dec-14 19:44:40

constance Someone in New Zealand does have a driving licence photo where he has a colander on his head. However, I'm pretty sure it was just a joke rather than a religious conviction.

Galen Tue 30-Dec-14 20:36:39

I'm surprised Feetle hasn't appeared with his invisible pink unicorn

Agus Tue 30-Dec-14 20:42:18

If Harrison Ford is involved with the Jedii religion, count me in grin

crun Tue 30-Dec-14 23:21:20

"What is FSM?"

The Pastafarians.

absent Wed 31-Dec-14 00:09:37

Am I correct in thinking that Wiccans are also recognised but not Christian Scientists? Not that I am comparing and contrasting the two as I think both are batty – just curious.

constance Thu 01-Jan-15 16:02:34