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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 15-Jan-15 06:55:59

Good Morning Everyone,
From a very wet and windy Brackley this morning, mind you forecast does not look good for this weekend.

kittylester Thu 15-Jan-15 07:16:17

Good morning Mick and everyone else who turns up!

It is still dark but sounds blowy in North Leicestershire!

Today Mum is 91! cupcake

Enjoy your days everyone! sunshine

loopylou Thu 15-Jan-15 07:32:11

Good morning everyone still dark here, about to leave for University.
Happy birthday to your mum kitty

hildajenniJ Thu 15-Jan-15 07:53:28

Good morning everyone.
Very windy overnight. The greenhouse lost some panes of glass. We will assess the damage when we have some daylight. Still windy though the snow has gone.
Dad spent his first night in the care home. I'll ring later to find out how it went.

J52 Thu 15-Jan-15 08:01:36

Howling gales in SW Scotland, it's been going on for over 12 hours. We face west, on a hill with not much between us and the Irish Sea.
Never mind, it's a lovely spot in the sunshine! X

nannotgran Thu 15-Jan-15 08:18:22

Very windy damp with grey skies 9 degrees not very nice at all in north essex

ninathenana Thu 15-Jan-15 08:21:35

Morning all.

The wind and rain started about 9 pm last night and died down about 6 am. No damage but the patio chairs have travelled across the lawn. It's still raining.
I think this corner of Kent has been lucky with the weather over the last couple of weeks.
Hope everyone is ok.

daffydil Thu 15-Jan-15 08:35:10

Wet and very windy overnight though not as bad as further north. Today doesn't look very promising though we had several hours of brilliant sunshine yesterday after a dull start.
Enjoy your day everyone.

Brendawymms Thu 15-Jan-15 08:37:18

Good morning all. Hope you are all warm and dry.
The weather is clearing in East Sussex. Wind has died down but still raining. Everything seems to be where it should be. There are no trains from Uckfield due to fallen trees and there are several flood warnings out in Kent for this afternoon.
Keep safe everyone.

Kiora Thu 15-Jan-15 08:46:56

Good morning michael and everyone. It's horrible here in Kent. Grey, wet and dull. It feels worse because i'v left my sunny funny family up in Liverpool. It's probably horrible weather there but they'd cheer me up. I hope your mum has a nice birthday kitty cupcake hope the damage isn't too bad Hilda

NfkDumpling Thu 15-Jan-15 09:08:01

Morning All

A really wet and windy night. We got sleet, not snow. Will send Himself outside in a bit to check the tiles haven't slipped. I'm staying put - it's clear outside now - but bloomin' cold!

Have a good day everyone (especially Kitty and her mum). I hope you're all safe and sound.

Juliette Thu 15-Jan-15 12:02:11

Just back from a breezy dog walk. Cold but dry and bright , hopefully it will stay that way. Have a good day everyone, especially kitty and her miraculous mum.cupcake

dustyangel Thu 15-Jan-15 20:13:33

I know I'm late but I hope your Mum had a lovely day kitty. What an achievement, she certainly is a fighter. flowers flowers... One bunch is for you!
It's been raining all day, supposed to ease off this evening but it seems to have be heavier now.

I went to have my dressings changed again at the local health centre this morning. A different nurse didn't want to do it as " the computer doesn't say so." grin DH has to go tomorrow, I hope the computer recognises him.