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Oliver Sacks on having terminal cancer

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Grannyknot Thu 19-Feb-15 19:49:32

What a man. I found his essay immensely inspirational.

I love his books. I remember being blown away by The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat - how accessible he made such a difficult subject.

loopylou Thu 19-Feb-15 19:54:01

A very courageous man, way ahead of his contemporaries.
I loved Awakenings and many of his books have really opened my eyes.

Mishap Thu 19-Feb-15 20:08:43

What a guy!

Eloethan Fri 20-Feb-15 16:06:09

What an honest and poignant essay.

I guess it must be easier to face your death with equanimity if you feel your life has been full and rewarding. For those approaching death who suddenly realise that they have not achieved all that they could have - either through their own inaction or through circumstances beyond their control - I think it might be harder to be so calmly resigned.

Grannyknot Fri 20-Feb-15 16:55:43

eloethan you are right. That's what Atul Gawande also says in his book "Being Mortal". It's a wonderful book, here's an excerpt:

Also, you could say that Oliver Sacks has had a long life.