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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 22-Feb-15 07:06:00

Good Morning Everyone,
Its bright cloudy but dry and cold here in Brackley,

Jane10 Sun 22-Feb-15 07:20:34

Good morning! No idea what its like here -can't bear to open the curtains! It is very cold.

loopylou Sun 22-Feb-15 07:30:51

Good morning, cold and bright here, still have hailstones on the ground from yesterday's Storm. Never seen such a black clouds before, it was very impressive- and one of those times when you wish you had a good camera.

nannotgran Sun 22-Feb-15 07:38:17

Thick frost this morning minus 2 degrees but a beautiful clear blue sky in north essex
have a good day

PRINTMISS Sun 22-Feb-15 07:56:15

Good morning and thick frost here too, but the sun is shining and it is lovely and warm indoors behind the glass! We had really black clouds yesterday evening and a fantastic sky when they had cleared, wished I too had a really good camera loopylou. Enjoy your days.

Oldgreymare Sun 22-Feb-15 08:01:52

Good morning, frosty here too, clear sky turning milky something's brewing! (Som/Wilts border) Saw the black clouds yesterday, PRINTMISS on return journey from Wells, drove thro' heavy sleety rain, car now filthy.

kittylester Sun 22-Feb-15 08:07:11

Good morni ng from a cold a frosty north Leicestershire!

We are off to Wales today courtesy of a present from the children! I hope it doesn't rain too much!

Enjoy your days everyone! sunshine!!

loopylou Sun 22-Feb-15 08:12:57

The photo I wish I could have taken was from the bottom of the South west side of Lansdown hill with Beckford's tower on the top, brightly shining in sunlight but the sky behind it absolutely black. Don't imagine I'll ever see it like that again. The cupola on top of the tower is gold and the contrast was incredible.

annsixty Sun 22-Feb-15 09:07:40

Good morning all.
Just the usual here in Stockport,cold again but was a bit brighter than yesterday. The posters down south seem to have had "quite " unusual cloud yesterday. The DT had yet another amazing red sky photograph of Brighton pier today, this is the third in a couple of weeks and the first one had the comment "not likely to be seen again". What is happening to our weather?
Enjoy Wales kitty.sunshine

daffydil Sun 22-Feb-15 09:14:35

Good morning all.
Brilliant sunshine here in mid Essex with a hard frost and very cold.

ninathenana Sun 22-Feb-15 09:35:48

Morning all.

I didn't see the clouds yesterday though we did have a sleet shower. It was a beautiful start night at about 10pm.
Heavy frost here first thing but the sun is out and a lot of it's cleared.
Nobody has mentioned having the strong winds that were forecast. confused

Brendawymms Sun 22-Feb-15 09:41:23

Good morning all.
Lovely and sunny if very cold. yesturday we had snow but it had all gone by lunch time.
Three days until holiday.

vegasmags Sun 22-Feb-15 10:10:42

The usual cloudy grey roof over the world here in Manchester. After watching CBS news last night, all about the atrocious winter they are having in the USA, I don't feel I have any right to complain. (I probably will, though)

annodomini Sun 22-Feb-15 10:27:20

No different here, about 13 miles away, vegas. The sun paid a visit yesterday, but it's gloomy yet again today and the forecast doesn't sound very promising.

hildajenniJ Sun 22-Feb-15 10:56:32

Morning all.
Grey and damp here. Looks like the rain is not far away. Having a quiet morning. Son coming for lunch.
Have a good day everyone.

Lona Sun 22-Feb-15 11:15:43

Rain has just started here, near Manchester airport, and it's going to last all day.
I'm leaving shortly to see dd and dgds in the potteries, and I hate driving in the rain.

Stansgran Sun 22-Feb-15 11:18:56

Overcast and grey in Durham too. Very cold earlier on.

dustyangel Sun 22-Feb-15 13:55:59

Sunny and bright here, lovely day as long as you're out of (very cold) wind.