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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 23-Feb-15 06:56:03

Good Morning Everyone,
Its light just after 0630 and bright but cold here in Brackley.

nannotgran Mon 23-Feb-15 07:11:50

Its bright here in north essex this morning but very cold and windy

loopylou Mon 23-Feb-15 07:27:45

Good morning, it's snowing here......not settling thankfully, so far.

Brendawymms Mon 23-Feb-15 08:09:33

Morning all......two days to go, not that I am excited or anything by a 12 hour flight!
Lovely clear blue sky in this bit of East Sussex but what a terrible day it was yesturday.
Charity shop this morning and then it's packing to finish.

PRINTMISS Mon 23-Feb-15 08:15:35

Good morning all, and we too have lovely clear skies after a terrible day yesterday, which was well and truly brightened by an unexpected visit from my daughter, son in law, and best of all grand-daughter. Not cold this morning either, which is a surprise, I thought the weather forecast was for frost, although I might be a day behind with that! Enjoy your days.

Falconbird Mon 23-Feb-15 08:16:57

Bright and sunny here in W. Country - still no sign of snow smile

annsixty Mon 23-Feb-15 08:27:36

Good morning all. Bright and sunny for a welcome change here in Stockport.
Today I am going to the first of a 5week course on Dementia care. I just don't know what to expect but hope it gives me some much needed insights.

ninathenana Mon 23-Feb-15 08:38:39

Morning all.
Chilly and cloudy here in N. Kent. A day of pottering for me.

harrigran Mon 23-Feb-15 08:45:29

Good morning, bright and sunny here which had GD out of bed quite early. Inset day for GD so she is with me for the day.

daffydil Mon 23-Feb-15 09:20:16

Bright and cold here in mid Essex too.
ann I hope you find the course on Dementia care interesting and above all helpful. Keep us posted.
Have a good day everyone.

hildajenniJ Mon 23-Feb-15 09:21:53

Good morning everyone.
It is dry this morning after last night's rain, and there has been a slight frost. Lovely and sunny though.
Ironing to be getting on with after I've finished my brew

annodomini Mon 23-Feb-15 09:35:31

As you say, Annsixty. A welcome change after a miserable day yesterday. I hope your course gives you what you need.

Lona Mon 23-Feb-15 09:43:08

Lovely bright sunshine here too anno and ann60. It was horrible yesterday driving to Stoke, I got snow, sleet, rain and bitterly cold winds!
Good luck Ann with the course, I hope it's helpful.

rosequartz Mon 23-Feb-15 09:57:13

Cold here and really heavy driving rain turning to sleet just as the children were walking to school.

Galen Mon 23-Feb-15 10:15:34


grannyactivist Mon 23-Feb-15 10:17:59

Enjoying sunshine after rain here in my corner of Devon. sunshine

KatyK Mon 23-Feb-15 10:22:03

Good morning. Beautiful sunshine in Brum although a bit blustery.

Stansgran Mon 23-Feb-15 10:31:10

Bright and sunny in Durham tho' we've just had a rapidly transient shower of sleety rain. One of Durham's two decent restaurants is having a 50% off on Mondays in Feb so I'm off there with a friend today.[greedyfattummyemoticon]

Oldgreymare Mon 23-Feb-15 10:33:25

Good morning, the paths across the field behind OGMTowers, created by dog-walkers, are now streams!

annodomini Mon 23-Feb-15 10:50:38

Uh, oh! Spoke too soon. It's back to its usual grey and gloomy now.

felice Mon 23-Feb-15 11:08:11

Happy Mondays, woke up to a power cut after storm last night, back on at 7.25. Postman just delivered a large Christian Aid parcel left it on the floor inside the front door, locked luckily. Cannot remember the web site for my G.P. to make an appointment, could send a text but online gives me more choice. was out with friends last night and left my blue disabled badge in their car, they put it in my letterbox and it has slipped down to the one underneath, so will need to wait for neighbours to come home to get it. To top it off my money is late coming in this month and it is cold and wet.
I suppose it can only get better,,,,,,,famous last words probably!!!!!!