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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 10-Mar-15 06:49:40

Good Morning Everyone,
its cloudy but dry here in Brackley plus nice and light.

PRINTMISS Tue 10-Mar-15 07:49:56

Good morning all, is every one over-sleeping these mornings, I am not usually so early! A pleasant morning, the birds are busy and I must get going. Washing to do, then off to help the Beavers partially sighted bowlers. Enjoy your days.

nannotgran Tue 10-Mar-15 08:05:38

A lovely sunny morning in north essex and we are promised a nice sping day.Have a good day

kittylester Tue 10-Mar-15 08:09:44

Good morning all!

It looks like a nice bright day in North Leicestershire but it feels a little chilly!

Lots of phone calls to do this morning but I might reward myself with a little retail therapy in John Lewis this afternoon!

Enjoy your days everyone! sunshine

hildajenniJ Tue 10-Mar-15 08:13:36

Morning all.
It's quite bright and sunny at times in Northumberland. Diet day today and I'm quite hungry already. Must find lots to occupy me to keep my mind off food! Have a lovely day

loopylou Tue 10-Mar-15 08:14:15

Lovely sunny morning here, albeit a little chilly.
Enjoy the sunshine everyone!

annsixty Tue 10-Mar-15 08:25:24

Good morning all.bright morning and a nice clear sky in Stockport but I am feeling the effects of a cold so will probably stay in and feel sorry for myself. Have a good one with lots of sunshine

Grannybug Tue 10-Mar-15 08:39:49

Good morning everyone it's a lovely sunny morning here in East Northants but haven't ventured out yet.

ginny Tue 10-Mar-15 08:41:59

Sunny skies here in N . Bucks this morning. Look forward to walking the dogs on days like this.

Lona Tue 10-Mar-15 08:48:21

sunshine Good morning all, it's going to be a lovely day here and I've got my dgd coming, so we'll be off to the park!

flowers annsixty hope you feel better soon.

ninathenana Tue 10-Mar-15 08:58:54

Morning all.

Sunshine again today here in N Kent.

I have to go and pick up DD for a follow up appointment after she hurt her back last week as she is still on crutches and it's painful to drive.

daffydil Tue 10-Mar-15 09:36:43

Lovely day in this part of Essex so took the opportunity to wash towels and get them out. printmiss I am usually up reasonably early but get a few jobs done before I visit the Good Morning site otherwise I would get caught up in Gransnet! hmm
Good day to everyone.

harrigran Tue 10-Mar-15 09:42:58

Good morning from a sunny north east, really feels like spring.
Cold calling reached a new low when the phone rang at 2.47 this morning, silent call. Phone rang again a minute later and it was again a computer generated call angry

Ariadne Tue 10-Mar-15 10:14:43

Good morning everyone! It is a perfect Devon day - sun shining, blue skies, very little wind until you get to the beach. It lifts my spirits.