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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 24-Mar-15 06:36:38

Good Morning Everyone,
Yet another blue sky with cloud here in Brackley.

baubles Tue 24-Mar-15 06:55:02

Morning Mick I think we're in for another day of sunshine and showers. This is my working day, hi ho,hi ho smile

loopylou Tue 24-Mar-15 07:01:57

Morning everyone, quite bright here at the mo', apparently it won't last hmm

kittylester Tue 24-Mar-15 07:12:33

Good morning!

Its flipping cold but bright in North Leicestershire this morning but it is not going to last apparently!

Shopping for holiday clothes and DGD3's birthday today.

Enjoy your days everyone!sunshine

newist Tue 24-Mar-15 07:21:10

Good morning everyone, from the Outer Hebrides, not used to being up so early. Just going to Benbecula airport to fly to Glasgow for a hospital appointment

loopylou Tue 24-Mar-15 07:26:30

Good luck newist, hope all goes well x

PRINTMISS Tue 24-Mar-15 07:27:06

Good morning to you all, a trifle damp here, but it has been so very dry recently that we have been watering all the pots regularly. Off to my son-in-law mother's funeral this morning, so a train ride for us, which we shall enjoy, but a sad day. Enjoy your days.

Lona Tue 24-Mar-15 07:28:06

Morning all!
Dgd3 is coming this morning and dd is coming to see us both, so a lovely day for me smile
It's quite bright but a bit damp so far, so fingers crossed for sunshine

nannotgran Tue 24-Mar-15 08:19:51

North essex this morning is dull and we have had a little rain but no wind so it doesn't feel so cold enjoy your day

hildajenniJ Tue 24-Mar-15 08:28:01

Good morning everyone.
It is cloudy with sunny spells in Northumberland this morning. Getting ready to visit my DD and GC , I'm leaving tomorrow morning, just staying two nights. DD has Parents Evening at school to attend and SiL is away, working at sea. See you all again on Fri. or Sat.

Mishap Tue 24-Mar-15 08:37:56

Bright and sunny with blue sky on the Welsh border. Looking after GD (aged 2) today while DD3 either goes to work or takes a sicky - she is in the late stages of pregnancy and not feeling too well. Also entertaining relatives over from France for a few days - luckily they are staying at the pub. But the weather is nice so they might go out walking.

vegasmags Tue 24-Mar-15 08:50:37

Overcast and chilly here in Manchester. Today I am going to try to finish off some of the half jobs around the house - upstairs bathroom walls half stripped, ironing half done, seeds half planted, book group book half read and so on.

annsixty Tue 24-Mar-15 08:52:59

Good morning all.

A nothing sort of day here in Stockport but yesterday brightened up so hopeful.
I finished the course for Dementia Carers yesterday with the feeling that the five afternoons could have been condensed into two. I felt that I had worked out most of the information for myself and yesterday we spent a full hour on POA which I and several others already had in place.
The magic formula for dealing with the same question many times a morning or "you didn't tell me about that" was never explained,but, and it is a huge but, is that I felt so much better off than so many others so came home counting my blessings,well just until the questions start

ninathenana Tue 24-Mar-15 09:18:24

Morning all.

The sun came out about an hour after my moany post yesterday and it was a pleasant day.
However, we're back to the usual dull grey today. It's rained over night and the forecast was for rain all morning.

annsixty Tue 24-Mar-15 09:28:13

Hailing hard here now.

Anya Tue 24-Mar-15 09:41:24

Morning all. Bright and sunny far.

I've got it fixed in my head it's Saturdsy! confused