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Help - I've got acne!

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rosequartz Sat 28-Mar-15 20:12:34

Rosacea is very odd, some people get flushed skin and others get acne-like spots - that is what mine was diagnosed as anyway.
I do, however, get itchy spots on my face and jaw when I eat certain foods. I don't know if it is linked. Unless it becomes a real problem I shall ignore it and use the antibiotic cream and a coverup!

Maggiemaybe Sat 28-Mar-15 19:31:20

That's very true, rosequartz! Yes, I suppose I should pay a third visit to the surgery (hoping that I might get a different doctor this time!). I don't honestly think that my spots have been diagnosed correctly - they don't look much like the MC pictures on the web for starters. But whatever they are they're stubborn blighters, as nothing I've tried has helped. Fortunately, they're not too unsightly and haven't spread.

rosequartz Fri 27-Mar-15 20:03:59

I got acne rosacea before DD's wedding and was prescribed an antibiotic cream by the consultant.
I have to use it occasionally as it flares up from time to time when I am stressed.

It is very annoying to have both wrinkles and spots.

annsixty Fri 27-Mar-15 19:02:28

My GD had molluscum contagiosum when she was young but it cleared quickly and has never returned but it is a weird condition. The GP gave us a print out of it.

Grannynise Fri 27-Mar-15 18:24:33

Magpiemaybe , my DD had an outbreak of molluscum contagiosum on her back years and years ago. She was about 4 at the time. They were cauterised, healed up and disappeared for ever. Worth a try?

MariClaire Fri 27-Mar-15 06:11:12

My doctor diagnosed adult-onset acne when I was 55, after I broke out several times with small pimples on my chin and a few on the cheeks. Neither I nor my parents, siblings or children had acne (just the occasional pimple), so I was really surprised. He ordered generic Retin-A and it cleared up! I still use it when I get a breakout. I believe it is hormone-related, in my case.

It may be worth a trip to the doctor. Or, at least take a close-up photo to show at your next appointment. Good luck!

loopylou Thu 26-Mar-15 20:45:25

Could it be Rosacea? Worth checking out with GP I think.

Maggiemaybe Thu 26-Mar-15 20:44:16

Nine long years ago, half a dozen small acne-like spots suddenly appeared on my chin, cheek and forehead. Never having had skin problems before, I went to my GP when they were still there weeks later. He diagnosed molluscum contagiosum, and said they were harmless but with no cure - they would disappear spontaneously within a few months or, at the very most, 2 years shock. So 4 years later, back I went still adorned with said spots and was told that sometimes it takes a little while longer, but they would definitely combust within the next year.... Needless to say, they didn't. Over the years I've done a lot of googling and attacked them with various lotions, potions and pills, to no effect. I've given up. There are worse things.

vampirequeen Thu 26-Mar-15 19:40:38

If the acne doesn't go away you need to see your gp. Teenagers don't have to suffer with the pizza effect these days cos of antibiotics so I don't see why a granny should.

Tegan Thu 26-Mar-15 15:44:16

Germaine Greere wrote about how unfair it is that, when you get older, you sometimes get acne again. Of all the feminist writing that she has done I'm afraid that's the one comment that has stuck in my mind [was a lot younger at the time and thought, 'great, I've got that to look forward to' sad]. I've got the dreaded 'cracks at the corner of my mouth' at the moment; read that is caused by a zinc deficiency.

kittylester Thu 26-Mar-15 15:23:07

I haven't changed what I use on my face although ' they' could have changed what I use on my face! And, i dont think I have any hormones!

J52 Thu 26-Mar-15 14:59:00

Hormones ? x

Anya Thu 26-Mar-15 14:30:30

Have you done anything different to your face lately?

Mishap Thu 26-Mar-15 14:23:27

How strange! - leave well alone and see doc if they don't improve?

kittylester Thu 26-Mar-15 14:11:36

I have an outcrop of acne like spots on my chin and two on my cheek. So, unless being 66 constitutes being a teenager and they will go away as I mature, what is it and what do I do? confused