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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 04-Apr-15 06:50:29

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dull and grey here in Brackley this morning,

NfkDumpling Sat 04-Apr-15 06:57:25

Morning Mick, morning All

Horrible, mizzly and cold here. Yesterday turned out better than forecast so hopefully it'll brighten soon.

Farmers Market today. That means DH will be off to buy enough meat to feet an army and we'll run out of freezer space again. He can't resist.

annsixty Sat 04-Apr-15 08:08:10

Good morning all.
Dull,dull, dull.
I slept late after a bad night but it looks as if I am not the only one this morning.

nannotgran Sat 04-Apr-15 08:12:33

North essex weather is dull damp dismissal and windyand I have a 20min walk to shops lovely enjoy your day

Lona Sat 04-Apr-15 08:17:27

Morning all. Another gloomy day but at least it's not raining!
Lots of aches and pains this morning, but I'm going to exercise class to loosen up and then have coffee with my friends.
Enjoy your weekend folks sunshine

ninathenana Sat 04-Apr-15 09:02:44

Morning all.

Rain over night and now a grey damp and slightly misty start. The garden thinks it's Spring but the flipping weather doesn't agree !!!
Trip to the farm shop later.

daffydil Sat 04-Apr-15 09:16:47

Dull and gloomy here in mid Essex too. Strong gusts of wind I noticed too when I staggered to the shed to sort yesterday's reclycling. Nothing much planned today so perhaps it wll be a good opportunity to tackle some of those small jobs I keep promising myself I will get sorted. We'll see.
Enjoy your day everyone.

Pittcity Sat 04-Apr-15 09:21:42

Another grey view of Essex from here.
Do we need a mountain of 'just in case' shopping as they're closed tomorrow? tbuwink

Juliette Sat 04-Apr-15 09:39:52

Dull, with a little bit of dull, then just to add interest, dull.
I can usually squeeze a 'just in case' shop in Pittcity that maybe on the agenda later when I've recovered from dull.

hildajenniJ Sat 04-Apr-15 10:03:28

Good morning all.
Better day, cloudy but fine, and a little warmer. I'm going to try something different for lunch. I've never made aloo parathas before. I hope they go well with chick pea curry!

Rosannie Sat 04-Apr-15 10:17:55

Glorious sunshine (at the moment!) in the east Pennines north of Manchester. Going out to make the most of it as it will probably be a short sunny interlude. Have a good day everyone - whatever the weather.

henetha Sat 04-Apr-15 10:19:20

Dull, but set to improve later, apparently. My laptop is annoying me this morning. Suddenly loses the connection for some reason.... gggggrrrrr
Baby sitting this evening.

Galen Sat 04-Apr-15 10:27:15


kittylester Sat 04-Apr-15 10:27:37

Good morning all!

It is grey here too!

I'm late because I've been sorting beds for DD2 and family who are coming for a week! tbushock. When we moved here we had 5 bedrooms but rearranged things so we have 3 big doubles which usually works but, with DD3 and the children being here, was obviously a mistake!

A walk to the village to pay the papers, buy flowers and yet more potatoes tbuconfused

Enjoy your days everyone! sunshine

Rosannie Sat 04-Apr-15 11:00:44

I'm not actually in the east Pennines area, it is the west! It's still sunny though and DH is out running over the moors, crazy man.

newist Sat 04-Apr-15 11:18:59

Good morning from the Outer Hebrides, I am hoping for sunny weather so I can launch "Tinkerbell" my new kayak sunshine

dustyangel Sat 04-Apr-15 11:40:54

Good morning all, damp and dreary here, at least it's not raining as it was all day yesterday.
I'm going back to sunny Portugal this afternoon, although DH keeps telling me that rain is forecast there for all next week.shock
I'll have to find a forecast that sounds more cheerful. grin

whitewave Sat 04-Apr-15 17:49:20

After a grey chilly morning the sun is finally out and it is milder - dare we hope that winter is finally going?