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sunseeker Sun 05-Apr-15 12:07:21

Feeling tired last night (or lazy - take your pick!) I didn't tidy the sitting room before going to bed, so after breakfast I started tidying when my neighbour called round (he is expecting visitors and wanted to know if it was OK for them to park in my drive). I thought he had looked at me strangely but it wasn't until after I had closed the door that I realised I was still holding the empty wine glass from last night. I am now wondering if I should ring him and explain that I don't actually have fermented grapes for breakfast! tbusmile

merlotgran Sun 05-Apr-15 12:19:43

Ha Ha, sunseeker. We live next to a railway line and before the conifer hedge grew to a concealing height I'd often get a 'nee-naw' from the drivers if I let the dogs out in my PJs.

One morning, after a late night barbecue, I was clearing up empty glasses and bottles when I heard a train approaching. DH was standing by the kitchen window, laughing his socks off, as I tried to duck down behind a shrub.

I got the usual blast on the train's hooter. The track is almost roof height with our bungalow so instead of being hidden, I must have looked as though I was having a wee in my own garden shock

Ana Sun 05-Apr-15 12:24:06

That's so funny, merlot! grin grin

Teetime Mon 06-Apr-15 12:02:13

merlot its very good for the tomatoes I hear.