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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 02-Jul-15 06:51:27

Good Morning Everyone,
Its looking like another warm day , but could be changeable as well here in Brackley.

Pittcity Thu 02-Jul-15 07:57:32

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Just seen the pictures of the amazing storms on the news, not a drop here. Looked at a couple of forecasts for today and have concluded that it might rain and it might not! Not as hot as yesterday though!

Brendawymms Thu 02-Jul-15 08:06:22

Good morning all.
Already too hot for words.
No rain, nothing last night but very humid.

ninathenana Thu 02-Jul-15 08:20:01

Morning all.
We've not had any rain either. I got up at 5am and have had the patio doors open all the time.
It's hot !

daffydil Thu 02-Jul-15 08:22:15

Good morning all.
Hot, humid and uncomfortable inChelmsford too, though rain is. forecast by mid morning. We will see!

annodomini Thu 02-Jul-15 08:37:33

Good morning all. Bright and warm again in NE Cheshire. In this little corner of the county, we had no storm last night, though I could hear thunder rumbling in the distance. I was quite disappointed because I enjoy a good lightning display!

nannotgran Thu 02-Jul-15 08:47:28

Lovely morning in north essex.We didn't have any rain yesterday but might have some tonight
Enjoy your day

hildajenniJ Thu 02-Jul-15 09:07:56

Good morning everyone.
Hot and sultry all day yesterday. I had a rude awakening at 01.50 with a huge bang and a rumble. The thunderstorm didn't last long. So I went back to sleep. Woke up with a start and the terrible realisation that I was late for work. DH overslept too.
Today has started well. We have sunshine, and it is fairly warm. I hope it continues as I do like the warm weather.

NanaDenise Thu 02-Jul-15 09:19:05

Morning all. Dull and cloudy in the Surrey Hills this morning. Earlier, it was sunny when I walked the dog. A lovely start to the day. Rain later I think.

glassortwo Thu 02-Jul-15 09:30:34

Good morning all from the North East. We are on the Newcastle / Gateshead border.
WOW what a thunderstorm we had around 12.40 last night.
Two of the three DGC were woken and terrified, the house was lit up and sounded like the storm was just above us.
Havent seen a storm like that since we were camping in the Jura quite a few years ago.
To end it all we had hail stones the size of large liggies (marbles), and a river running don the front street.

Hasnt cooled anything down here this morning.

Takes an extra 15 mins in a morning to do the suntan lotion before school, just as well its only a few days a year. grin

Have a good day, I am off to baby dance this morning when the little pest wakes up.

KatyK Thu 02-Jul-15 10:52:09

Good morning. Overcast and warm in Birmingham.

Nanato5 Thu 02-Jul-15 10:52:16

Good morning.
Raining here in the Weald

ninathenana Thu 02-Jul-15 11:05:03

Well that's a change from my earlier post, we now have a pleasant breeze and it's overcast and rain looks imminent.

harrigran Thu 02-Jul-15 12:05:49

Good afternoon now, I was up very late watching the lightning but we did not get the thunder or rain. We were plotting the path of the storm on a satellite map and we guessed that it was over you glass grin

grrrranny Thu 02-Jul-15 12:24:43

Satellite map? That sounds useful as our dog hates thunder. Could you send a link please harrigran

annodomini Thu 02-Jul-15 13:22:29

I don't think I will need my fans tonight. I have a very quiet one which is ideal in my bedroom. The other is noisier so lives downstairs.

glassortwo Thu 02-Jul-15 21:59:15

harri it was certainly right over us grin

harrigran Thu 02-Jul-15 23:10:05

grrrranny, I use It covers every aspect of weather, you can even see lightning strikes on the map.

grrrranny Thu 02-Jul-15 23:32:44

Thanks harrigran. Interesting site.