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Good Morning Saturday

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Pittcity Sat 01-Aug-15 09:26:10

Good morning August from sunny Colchester. Looks like another lovely day like yesterday. Temperature around 20, which is the one that suits me best.
Tidied garden with DGS yesterday so it will be nice to sit out in today after I have been into town for a few bits and pieces.

PRINTMISS Sat 01-Aug-15 08:51:27

Kitty thank you for asking, Robert is just being Robert, thank goodness, although evidently he decided to remove a catheter himself which has resulted in short term intermittent bleeding. However, he seems none the worse for wear, but will obviously never go near an Ambulance again.

loopylou Sat 01-Aug-15 08:37:24

It's cloudy but quite bright here in Wiltshire.
Plenty of housework to be getting on with today, doesn't exactly inspire me!
Hopefully it'll be lovely with lots of warm sunshine later....won't it?

Have a lovely weekend everyone

Anya Sat 01-Aug-15 08:25:02

Off to the Pet Show at Stoneleigh today with GC sunshine

SloeGinny Sat 01-Aug-15 08:18:54

Clear and sunny in the Tees Valley, but still not very warm.

It's an anniversary weekend, son's and my birthdays, but also losing my Mum, so a mix of emotions.

ninathenana Sat 01-Aug-15 08:14:03

Morning all....
From sunny N Kent. A quiet day for us.

Stansgran Sat 01-Aug-15 08:08:46

Blue skies in Durham. Hedge cutting today. Had an injection in my hip yesterday and had a surprisingly immediate result in being very mobile afterwards but dreadful headache all night.

whitewave Sat 01-Aug-15 07:57:07

Good morning Mick.

Happy August everyone. Promising start to the day, gardening and changing bed etc this morning. This afternoon taking Mum to have a look at son's house that he has almost finished renovating.

kittylester Sat 01-Aug-15 07:52:36

How is Robert, PRINTMISS?

kittylester Sat 01-Aug-15 07:51:20

Good morning!

Iffy looking in North Leicestershire at the moment with quite a bit of grey cloud!

We have a busy day ahead, again! After I have been to the village to buy flowers and pay the papers, we have to go shopping for DD3's birthday which is on Monday[panicemoticon]. We have to buy supplies wine for DH's birthday party next weekend and then we are babysitting the 4 youngest DGC while their parents go out and have a good time confused.

PRINTMISS Sat 01-Aug-15 07:44:09

Good morning to you all, on the first day of the eighth month - what happened to the other seven? Time has flown by. Meet up with old friends for lunch, travelling by train, which I love, so hoping the fine weather holds. Enjoy your days

thatbags Sat 01-Aug-15 07:40:54

A mixed morning weather-wise but I got up at five in anticipation of a lovely breakfast of nectarine, extra thick cream and meringue. Now drinking tea to wash it down. Yum

MrBags is off to France today (chunnel problems notwithstanding) to spend time with an old friend.

Enjoy your days, peeps!

suzieq Sat 01-Aug-15 07:11:18

Grey in the Cheshire Gap, hoping for blue skies later.
Avoiding cleaning the house before visitors come tomorrow - as I have avoided it for days and days.
Maybe a cup of coffee first?

nannotgran Sat 01-Aug-15 07:08:28

Lovely morning in north essex blue skies and sunshine
washing machine been delivered this morning it was a fridge freezer 4 weeks ago,and the cookers not too healthy
why do things go wrong in threes
enjoy your day

12Michael Sat 01-Aug-15 06:54:16

Good Morning Everyone,
Its clear blue skies complete with aircraft vapour trails here in Brackley this morning.