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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 19-Sep-15 06:25:42

Good Morning Everyone,
Woke up early , washing in laundry, and its a very autumn start here in Brackley with mist, field mushroom weather.

cornergran Sat 19-Sep-15 07:04:19

Good morning Mick and everyone. Also awake early. DH has a cold so his nightly rumbles are several decibels louder than usual . I'm trying to be patient. grin looking bright this morning, promised sunshine. Hope so. Bedding to wash. Hope your Saturday is a good one.

PRINTMISS Sat 19-Sep-15 07:26:43

Good morning to you all, up and about early as it is the Knit In and Coffee Morning that I suggested and got unintentionally involved in organising, and which does not look like being a success - should know, at my age to keep quiet. It is clashing with the champion of champion match at the bowls club (lady champ versus man champ) so most of my friends watching that. Sorry, another moan this morning, Enjoy your days.

kittylester Sat 19-Sep-15 07:57:00

Good morning all from North Leicestershire!

It started off quite grey and overcast here but it is brightening up now. Usual Saturday trip to the village and then the village produce show for me today. Not showing anything - just looking!

Enjoy your days everyone!

nannotgran Sat 19-Sep-15 08:04:59

Nice bright morning in north essex.I think it is going to be nice today because the cat has gone out
she is pretty good at predicting rain
Enjoy your day

hildajenniJ Sat 19-Sep-15 08:07:50

Good morning everyone.
We have a beautiful start to the day in Tynedale, lots of sunshine, let's hope it lasts. Only one day off this weekend so better get going with the housework.
Have a lovely day all.

Pittcity Sat 19-Sep-15 08:15:50

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Forecast to be a nice weekend.
DD2 and DGS2 coming over later to ecape Arsenal v Chelsea.

Lona Sat 19-Sep-15 08:21:20

Morning all! It's a sunny day so far.
I'm hoping it stays that way as the Artisan market is on and dd and dgd1 are coming, ds and dgd3 may be joining us, and I feel like a dogs dinner!
Hey ho! Make an effort Lona!

Nelliemoser Sat 19-Sep-15 08:23:09

Good morning from Cheshire. It was sunny here until about 15 minutes here when the sun got high enough to reach the cold air on the ground and turn it to mist.

"Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness" indeed!

ninathenana Sat 19-Sep-15 08:28:41

Morning all
A lovely bright start here in N Kent. Hopefully it will stay that way after yesterdays heavy showers.
DGSx2 coming for sleep over later after their father finally responded to my texts.

whitewave Sat 19-Sep-15 08:31:17

Misty start to the day on the South Downs. Pleased to say the birds are returning to the feeders after my absence for 2 weeks. I do worry about what they do meantime.

Visiting eldest grandson at my daughters today, he broke his wrist yesterday playing football in PE at school. A couple of quid to go towards the computer he is building might cheer him upsmile. Good job it is his nonwriting wrist as he at 15 has started his GCE years.

Indinana Sat 19-Sep-15 08:37:32

Morning all,
A beautiful start to the day here in W Devon. DH was up with the lark for an 8.00 tee off in a benefit game at his club, so I have the house to myself for the morning smile. Washing's on. I'm going to cut out some more dribble bibs for my baby GD as she's started teething already, at 3 months. My poor DD had to deal with a crying colicky baby from birth until about 3 weeks ago, when it started to settle, now the sleepless nights are likely starting all over again sad
Have a lovely weekend everyone sunshine

SloeGinny Sat 19-Sep-15 09:46:46

A lovely sunny Tees Valley good morning to everyone.

We're all ready for the journey to Norfolkthis morning, we're taking the caravan and staying until Wednesday, so hope the good weather holds.

NfkDumpling Sat 19-Sep-15 11:13:23

Morning All (just). After a dull start it now brightening here. Been sorting out the bits to keep from the old conservatory roof before someone else comes to take the rest to make a chicken shed. Waste not want not!

Now off shopping. Have a lovely day Everyone.

harrigran Sat 19-Sep-15 11:20:28

Good morning, wall to wall blue sky and sunshine. A good day to be out walking.