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Good Morning Wednesday

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NfkDumpling Wed 14-Oct-15 10:23:20

Morning All

Sunshine, heavy showers, and a cold eastern wind here.

Hoping to snuggle down at the cinema this afternoon watching Suffragete.

Happy Wednesday Everybody

Indinana Wed 14-Oct-15 09:52:25

Morning all,
Another lovely bright day here in Plymouth. I think we've had better weather for the past 2 or 3 weeks than we had throughout the entire summer hmm
Taking my DD to a sling library today so she can try a variety of baby slings. She bought one when GD was newborn and it's supposed to last until the baby's around 20lbs, but DD has a weak back and needs some advice about slings that will distribute the weight evenly and not be a strain on her back. If she finds one there that is promising she'll be able to hire it for a week to give it a good tryout.
Happy Wednesday everyone smile

lefthanded Wed 14-Oct-15 09:45:38

Sunny but cold in South Wales. Bit of a lie-in this morning because my son doesn't start work until 1pm today so he can take the grandson to school (but I have to get him back at 3:15).

daffydil Wed 14-Oct-15 09:15:22

Good morning everyone.
Very sunny in mid Essex too but a chilly, strong breeze.
Cleaners came yesterday and gave the house its fortnightly blitz so I feel I don't have to do much in the way of household chores grin
Enjoy your day.

annsixty Wed 14-Oct-15 09:06:28

Good morning all.
Another bright but cold start in Stockport. I am having my Shingles jab this morning so will do a bit of shopping while I am out.
Hope it goes well Lona and you are soon jumping about on your good knee.

Pittcity Wed 14-Oct-15 08:25:12

Good morning from sunny chilly Colchester. I am up to date with housework, just a bit of admin to catch up on so I'll probably still be on the Internet come bedtime!

nannotgran Wed 14-Oct-15 08:17:08

Nice bright morning in manningtree north essex . flipping cold
enjoy your day

whitewave Wed 14-Oct-15 08:15:55


Chilly but bright on South Downs.

Finish off my pickled shallots today, and might start on Delia's Christmas Chutney. Although if wind dies down I will be in garden.

Enjoy your day everyone.

hildajenniJ Wed 14-Oct-15 08:11:35

Good morning everyone.
The sun has just climbed up over the horizon in Tynedale. It is cold and frosty, bright with fog in places. Beds to change today, and I must remember to drop DH's stool sample in at the GP's.blush I forgot yesterday.

kittylester Wed 14-Oct-15 07:49:48

Good morning!

Cold and bright in North Leicestershire!

Is it your op today, Lona? Hope it goes well. flowers

School run this afternoon.

Enjoy your days everyone. sunshine

Nelliemoser Wed 14-Oct-15 07:47:01

Good morning. I am up in my dressing gown waiting for my cup of tea to mash. I can't function without one.

cornergran Wed 14-Oct-15 07:46:10

Good morning. Impressed at the early starts. Bright and clear. Hoping for another sunny day.

grannylyn65 Wed 14-Oct-15 07:41:45

Would have been 4 am but Granny rebelled !!!!

Lona Wed 14-Oct-15 07:16:04

Good morning! I've been up for hours (6.20) in order to have tea and toast before 7am!
It seems a bit chilly out there but still gloomy.

grannylyn65 Wed 14-Oct-15 07:00:28

where are my manners Good Morning !!

grannylyn65 Wed 14-Oct-15 06:59:11

Thought would beat you, DGGS staying!!

12Michael Wed 14-Oct-15 06:54:41

Good Morning Everyone,
It s looking clear although daylight as yet to show, if its anything to go by yesterday a cold start.