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Unusual ways to give presents.

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rubylady Tue 22-Dec-15 02:57:29

I need a pick me up so I thought I would ask you all if you have had any unusual way in which you have given or been given a present?

I am doing a lucky dip for my DS with some silly small things in for us to have a laugh with. I've got him a pair of "clackers" we had in the '70's, they should be fun. But I have a huge gift bag and I will fill it full of polystyrene peanuts and then put the small presents in for him to find. Just something different.

Has anyone else had an unusual gift giving/getting experience? tchsmile

rubylady Tue 22-Dec-15 02:59:13

p.s. It's not all he is getting, I wrapped a tent this morning for his festival next year!

Or, if he doesn't get into uni, it's his next home! tchgrin

M0nica Tue 22-Dec-15 07:40:27

rubylady that sounds fun. I have never done anything like that at Christmas, but when I and my friends were hitting 40, I used to make up joke parcels of things they might need in their old age: incontinence aids, bed socks, pension details etc. I am now in my 70s and feel very embarrassed by my cliched reaction to getting older. tchblush

ninathenana Tue 22-Dec-15 08:39:31

Many years ago before we had children DH made me a 'pass the parcel' style present with little gifts in each layer ending in a pair of earrings.

Indinana Tue 22-Dec-15 08:56:10

I used to do jokey presents, years ago when the DC still lived at home. One year it was a dozen or so biscuits individually wrapped for my daughter who was always responsible for emptying th biscuit tin. Each was creatively wrapped to look like something else. Another year (back in the days when we all smoked tchblush) I bought a dozen disposable lighters for m DH who always blamed everyone else when he lost his lighter. Again, all wrapped individually and disguised as something else. tchgrin