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PRINTMISS Sun 07-Feb-16 16:10:39

We buy a lottery ticket every week, a lucky dip. part of the ritual of buying the Saturday newspaper. Recently more numbers were added for punters to take their pick, and I thought I read that this would mean more people would be able to win something. I suppose with the addition of the 'raffle' numbers this is true, but it would appear that it is becoming less possible to win the weekly jackpot, it just keeps rolling over and over. I suspect that I am not alone in that I would be quite happy to win a million, and possibly five million, but as a very ordinary 'women in the street' , twenty odd million leaves me cold and worried! I could really use one million, I could do good with 5 million. Surely if the there were fewer numbers to choose from the chances of winning the smaller amount would be greater? I realise of course this would mean abandoning the millionaire raffle, etc.

Charleygirl Sun 07-Feb-16 18:51:20

i gave up buying them years ago. I was with a syndicate at work and once I left that was it. We rarely won a thing.

I prefer to get the odd win with a premium bond. Okay,a £25 win will not pay my care home fees as and when required but it is better than nothing.