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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 08-Feb-16 06:51:48

Good Morning Everyone,
Its wet and windy but strong winds from Imogen this morning in Brackley .

Imperfect27 Mon 08-Feb-16 07:01:39

Wild winds in N Kent overnight - sounds a bit calmer now, but /I haven't ventured a look - still sleepy after a disturbed night because of all the noise.

Happy Monday and here's to a good week everyone.

thatbags Mon 08-Feb-16 07:05:03

Morning, folks! It wasn't raining when I woke at 0530. Hoping for a dry spell or two today. When I say 'dry', I mean wet, just not completely sodden as it has been of late ????

WilmaKnickersfit Mon 08-Feb-16 07:10:32

Good morning from wet Warwickshire. Won't be surprised if ducks are swimming in my garden when daylight comes. Swirly wind was blowing on and off all night and I loved the sound of the rain on the window. Stay safe this week and watch out for ducks. wink

kittylester Mon 08-Feb-16 07:13:58

Morning all,

North Leicestershire was wild wet and windy overnight and it is still raining! Desk work this morning and then a visit to see mum this afternoon.

Enjoy your Mondays everyone.sunshine

annsixty Mon 08-Feb-16 07:23:31

Good morning all.
Wind seems to have died down here in Stockport and I can't hear any rain.
Highlight of my Monday is an eye injection and as my appointment is at 8:40 pm I have all day to look forward to it.

Greyduster Mon 08-Feb-16 07:23:53

Good morning Michael and everyone from a (temporarily) dry S. Yorks. Up early this morning waiting for my GS to arrive for a two day stay. ?

Falconbird Mon 08-Feb-16 07:29:47

Morning all - wet and windy here in W Country with thunder and lightning. !!!!

cornergran Mon 08-Feb-16 07:51:43

Morning All. Very wet, windy, noisy night. Bit quieter now in our corner of Somerset until the gusts come. All a bit dramatic. Hope Monday is kind to you.

Pittcity Mon 08-Feb-16 07:55:58

Good morning from Colchester. Wet and windy night but calmer and brighter now. Forecast shows Imogen is crossing to the South and North of us.
Family History Group in town this afternoon.

nannotgran Mon 08-Feb-16 07:59:12

Wet and windy last night but its alot calmer this morning in north essex
Bright skies with little cloud and cold
Enjoy your day

ninathenana Mon 08-Feb-16 08:46:48

Morning all
Phew, what a night. I've never heard rain like it !
It's now dry and sunny but still windy.
Hope nobody had any damage over night.

hildajenniJ Mon 08-Feb-16 09:43:10

Good morning everyone.
No wind blowing, no rain, clearing skies and fleeting glimpses of sunshine in the Tyne Valley. Up very late for me. I must have needed the extra sleep! Going to try for a hair cut today if possible.
Have a good one, everyone.

NanaandGrampy Mon 08-Feb-16 12:03:20


Super windy night ! ( weather not me !! )

Early morning dentist appt so grey day suits my mood!