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Moonpig and Interflora

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Elrel Wed 09-Mar-16 02:03:06

A great deal of criticism of their 'service' for Mothering Sunday in the media. My basket of plants arrived in a box twice the height of the basket with no packing above it to key it in place in transit. The box looked as if it had been roughly handled, opened and resealed. Unsurprisingly some plants were uprooted, compost and dry moss were all over the place. The ribbon that should have round the basket was crumpled under it. Some plants were nibbled looking.
The first person I spoke to at Interflora was at pains to tell me that the delivery 'service' was up to the contracted courier, completely separate from them. I suggested that they should change their courier (Yodel).
Three longish phone calls later I was offered a redelivery, an e-card or gift card. I accepted a gift card which turned out to be their own and half the price of the basket. Then I looked online and found the only thing it would buy was a single rose in a vase plus chocolates.
I sent an email saying I'd have to add more money to buy any thing I actually wanted. I was phoned back and told I should also have the E voucher. They then sent them to my daughter who had ordered the basket.
By then I had told her about the state of the present and she completely agreed that I'd had to complain. Originally I told Interflora that I didn't want her to know of my disappointment and they agreed to send the compensation to me.
Did anyone else have problems with flower deliveries this year?

NfkDumpling Wed 09-Mar-16 06:35:40

No problems as my lot don't really do much for Mothers Day other than a card (on my insistence I hasten to add) - and my Moonpig cards arrived safely and on time!

I did hear on the radio that Waitrose customers were having the same problem - and the courier was Yodel. Perhaps the blame is being put at the wrong door?

obieone Wed 09-Mar-16 06:53:22

My Moonpig delivery was no problem. Never been a problem.

NanaandGrampy Wed 09-Mar-16 08:05:14

I have to say Ive been watching Yodel deliveries on social media for some time and no good ever comes of it.

They are the cheapest of all the couriers and that is the service they provide. It's impossible to contact them and they really seem not to care at all.

I now refuse to purchase from anyone who does not offer and option other than Yodel.

The strange thing is my eldest daughter is also a Yodel delivery person. I know how well she delivers and have been privy to customers calling her at all hours to re arrange deliveries when they have been out and no safe place was available to leave the parcel. So I'm sure not all drivers are the same . But they are paid well below minimum wage - 50p a parcel.

I put the blame fairly and squarely on the companies who use Yodel not using their leverage to get the service improved. There was a programme on a few weeks ago about the 'Worst Delivery Company in the UK' - yes you've guessed it - its Yodel. One thing that was said made perfect sense though. We the consumer are looking for cheap or free delivery and of course there's no such thing. The cost is just bundled into the overall purchase price. So in an effort to make the most profit possible companies are searching out the cheapest delivery option.

I'm so sorry your lovely flowers were damaged Elrel from the sound of it you did better with your complaint than a lot of people who never get anywhere .

I dont see a solution until the British public are prepared to pay a little more for their goods or Yodel actually pay their people more than 50p a parcel for delivery.

daffydil Wed 09-Mar-16 08:32:09

There was a report on this on the news as many people had a similar problem and Moonpig published a public apology.
I was surprised this has happened as exactly the same thing happened to me last year and DD demanded and received full refund which she used to send me flowers from another supplier.
The Couriers cannot be entirely blamed as the plant arrangement was of very poor quality and after all they do not pack the goods.

Bellasnana Wed 09-Mar-16 08:38:40

Recently sent some flowers via Interflora to my best friend who is quite ill with a brain tumour. Her daughter posted a photo of her mum with the flowers and I was so disappointed. For over £40, all she received was a bunch of wilting tulips in a vase, which bore no resemblance to the ones in the picture I had chosen. I did complain but to date have not heard a word back from Interflora. 😡

rosesarered Wed 09-Mar-16 12:45:46

That's awful Bella in fact, what a rip off!

hildajenniJ Wed 09-Mar-16 13:23:12

Well, what has happened to Interflora? In 1975 my sister and I stayed in London with our Uncle and Aunt. We were there for the first week of Wimbledon. When we got home we arranged a delivery of flowers from Interflora. They were delighted with the flowers. our aunt did not have enough vases for them all and had to put some in the bath. I can't remember how much we spent but there were a lot of flowers for the money. If a few measly tulips is the best they can do for £40, then I shall never use them again.

grandma60 Wed 09-Mar-16 14:47:08

My Mothers Day flowers ordered from M & S and delivered by Yodel arrived on time in perfect condition. I do have friends with not such good experiences though.
M & S do seem to give better value for money than Interflora these days.

spyder08 Wed 09-Mar-16 17:11:31

Oh dear we do seem to get these complaints every year following Mother's Day. Having worked in the "industry" I wonder how many customers are aware that if you spend say £40 on a order that order will only contain - on average - £16/17 pounds worth of flowers. The rest is taken up with packaging/wages/delivery. The Dutch flower markets, knowing that it is Mother's Day in the UK, put their prices up and this has to be passed on to the customer. I know Yodel have a terrible reputation but in my experience florists local to me will get "extra" delivery drivers in and pay £2/2.50 per delivery.
A far better solution would be to contact the florist direct and cut out Interflora and the cut they take. This would not get over the problem of higher flower prices around Mother's Day but would certainly work for birthdays etc. Also go for say a Friday delivery prior to Mother's will be by regular driver and flowers will be

Coolgran65 Wed 09-Mar-16 18:51:42

My Moonpig card arrived on time.
On line flowers from a specific flower company direct came via Royal Mail packed flat in bud and were good
Interflora flowers were nice but I don't know how much was paid for them.

Elrel Wed 09-Mar-16 19:24:53

NanaandGrampy. Shocked at Yodel's pay. Yes, the firms should pressure them to treat their employees better.

Daffydil. Good point in your last sentence.

Bellasnana. I'll pm you the address etc. I used.

annodomini Wed 09-Mar-16 19:33:57

My flowers from Waitrose came by Yodel and were none the worse. My DiL's were just left at the front door, although they were in the house all the time.

BetsyTrotwood Sun 13-Mar-16 20:50:36

Has anyone else noticed the loss of scent from freesias? The white and yellow ones used to be highly fragrant but in the last year every bunch I've bought smells only very slightly. I've tried various outlets - supermarkets and garden centres - but they're all the same. The flowers look larger (are they a double flower variety) but all fall short of the perfume. It's such a shame. All I can do now is try and remember how they smelt. And no, I haven't lost my sense of smell.

Elrel Mon 14-Mar-16 00:57:07

Betsy - yes, they used to smell gorgeous!